Exclusive: Cardi B Learns to Cook Classic Latin American Dishes on ‘Cardi Tries’ Series

For those who didn’t already know, rapper Cardi B has had her very own TV series called Cardi Tries for nearly a year now

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For those who didn’t already know, rapper Cardi B has had her very own TV series called Cardi Tries for nearly a year now. On the series, which is currently in its second season on Messenger, the “Up” rapper teams up with professionals and experts in various fields, with the hope of learning a new skill. The new mom of two has danced with the iconic Debbie Allen, played basketball with NBA’S Damien Lillard, and practiced rhythmic gymnastics with Nastasya Generalova. Suffice it to say she’s far from her comfort zone and we are loving it.

For the latest episode Cardi is teaming up with Pose actress and model Indya Moore and chefs Jaime Martín Del Campo and Ramiro Arvizu of La Casita Mexican Restaurant in Los Angeles to learn how to cook. Let’s remember, in “WAP,” one of her biggest hits yet, Cardi rapped the lyrics, “I don’t cook, I don’t clean, but let me tell you, I got this ring,” clearly letting all her fans know that the kitchen is not her domain. So needless to say, the episode is going to be hilarious!

In a clip exclusive to HipLatina, we see one of the many reasons that Cardi, who also serves as executive producer of the series, isn’t usually found anywhere near the kitchen. Watch it below and then keep reading to find out more about the episode which is set to be released on Messenger on September 17.

We’ve often wondered how people with nails as long as Cardi’s do everyday things like cook, and now we see it’s definitely not without its challenges! That said, the tip of rubbing the ceviche bowl with the chili pepper is genius and one we doubt Cardi and Indya will soon forget.

This episode in particular hits close to home for Cardi who is of Dominican and Trinidadian descent. “I feel like a lot of people know I’m Dominican, I’m West Indian, and it’s just like I really want to learn how to be an amazing Hispanic cook. I want to cook like my aunt and my grandmother,” Cardi says in the episode.

During the show, Cardi tries her hand at a number of classic Latin Americans dishes, including the traditional Dominican drink Morir Soñando, which is a tasty and refreshing combination of orange juice and milk. “The Morir Soñando definitely took me back to New York City. We’re both Dominican so this takes us to the bakery shop.,” Cardi explains in the episode. She and Indya, who is Haitian, Puerto Rican and Dominican, also learn to make pupusas from El Salvador and spicy Peruvian ceviche.  One thing’s for sure, even if Cardi only attempts one of those dishes at home, her family is in for a treat!

You can watch the new episode of Cardi Tries on Facebook Watch via Cardi B’s official Facebook Page.

To watch with a friend on Instagram or Messenger Watch Together, simply start a video chat, tap the media button in the bottom right on Instagram, or swipe up to access the menu on Messenger, select “Watch Together” and search for Cardi Tries.

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