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Cardi B Has Nabbed Her First Lead Role in an Upcoming Comedy Film

Cardi B is set on making sure her name goes down in pop culture history proving she’s multi-talented and politically engaged, a rare combination among entertainers today. The “WAP” rapper has landed her very first starring role in a feature film, marking an entirely new era in her breakout career as an entertainer. The film, Assisted Living, is a comedy being compared to movies like Sister Act and Mrs. Doubtfire—the sort of slapstick humor many can imagine the famously vocal and quirky Afro-Latina pulling off. We’d previously seen her on the big screen with her supporting role as a stripper named Diamond in Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez.

Cardi’s role in the film, described as a “raucous comedy” with “tremendous heart,” is that of “Amber,” a petty criminal who ends up on the run after a heist gone wrong, Variety reported. Out of options, “Amber” decides to disguise herself as an old lady and hide out at her estranged grandmother’s nursing home. Cue the laugh track.

Many of Cardi’s fans and followers are excited to see her on the big screen once again, and have shown lots of support on social media. A number of Twitter users have professed that she is perfect for the role and committed to watching the film when it’s released.

While little more is known about the film at this time, it seems to have been something of a commodity amongst the studios, with Paramount ultimately winning what was said to have been a “competitive” bidding war a couple of years ago. The film is written by This is Us writer Kay Oyegun and is being produced by Temple Hill and Stephen Love but no release date for the film has been announced yet.

Cardi has spent the past few years steadily expanding her influence, reach and resume, and this latest move may be just what it takes for her to obtain that coveted triple threat status—she raps, she dances and she acts. The rapper of course was a regular on the reality show Love & Hip Hop, but she also recently starred in the Facebook Watch reality mini-series Cardi Tries. Additionally, she has appeared in guest spots on a number of shows including Being Mary Jane, was a judge on the reality music competition Rhythm + Flow and will act in the upcoming ninth film in the Fast & Furious franchise, F9, later this year. There’s clearly no stopping Cardi.