5 Important Things to Know About Caring for Your Child’s Naturally Curly Hair

hild's naturally curly hair hiplatinaAs a naturally curly mama with two naturally curly kiddos, I’ve realized that no matter how much I thought I knew about tending to my natural tresses, caring for my kids’ curls is a completely new undertaking. There are some basic tenets of curly hair care that I’ve applied with my children— we don’t use sulfates and silicones, we don’t wash daily, we avoid heat and we never dry brush— but there are a few other considerations we’ve had to make.

Caring for curly hair— especially when it has some length to it— is a process and kids just don’t have the same patience for these things that grown-ups do. So first off, it’s important to make hair care and styling as streamlined and peaceful as possible. I remember my mom and I both crying over my hair when I was little and I’ve tried to avoid that as much as possible with my children. Of course, they still whine, complain and get a bit teary over especially tough tangles, but I’ve found some useful methods for making it a relatively quick and pleasant experience for all of us.




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