7 Extraordinary Celebrity Reactions to the Solar Eclipse

Yesterday we experienced the solar eclipse — a beautiful and rare gift from mother nature

Photo: Unsplash/@belec

Photo: Unsplash/@belec

Yesterday we experienced the solar eclipse — a beautiful and rare gift from mother nature. Some people drove hundreds of miles to “see it”, while others couldn’t care less. But for the majority of Americans, we invested…big time. From the West Coast to the East Coast, it seems as if people united for the first time in what seems like forever these days. My sister called it a bipartisan event because it brought people together who haven’t talked in months.

The total solar eclipse began in Oregon and traveled in a line across South Carolina, ending at 2:44 p.m. (EST). “While most of the country saw a partial eclipse, locations in parts of 14 states experienced totality,” TIME reports.

But the real moment, had everyone in a trance. As The New York Times puts it: “Even humans — who knew what was going on — were left to hunt for words to describe the spectacle.”

For a couple of hours, the solar eclipse brought everyone into one moment. From the average joe to J.Lo, we were all there. Here’s a roundup of the best celebrity reactions to the solar eclipse.

The last one is clearly the best…




Haha, very funny.


America Ferrera


The actress took a break in between shooting her sitcom to catch the big event.


Frida Kahlo

Yes, this is from a long time ago, but we just had to include this cool picture of Frida experiencing the solar eclipse in 1932.


Eva Longoria


Homegirl, Eva sure knows how to multi-task. Eva, who was in the middle of a manicure, invited all the women from the nail salon to take in the solar eclipse. What a lady!


Andy Cohen

Andy looks like a total hippie here, right?


Donald Trump


Oh boy…even after being told numerous times not to look up, the president still did. Geez.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Our favorite has to be SJP who called herself a solar eclipse chaser. She posted several videos of this incredible moment that you seriously must look at. It’s so compelling and beautiful. She really captured what the intense emotion of the solar eclipse.

Now that its all over we can go back to feeling miserable.

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