5 Inspirational Ways to Make the Most Out of the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, we will experience the first solar eclipse in 38 years that will be visible from the U.S., but not everyone will be able to really “look at it.” The solar eclipse will only be visible on the mainland (sorry Hawaii and Alaska) and will stretch from the West Coast to the East, right in the center.

Here’s a couple of brief facts about where you can actually see the entire solar eclipse, according to TimeandDate.com:

“The total eclipse will only be visible along the Moon’s central shadow, which at its widest will be about 115 kilometers (71.5 miles), according to some sources. Its path will span from the country’s West Coast to the East Coast. The rest of North America, as well as Central America and northern parts of South America, will experience a partial solar eclipse. NASA has estimated that a majority of the American population lives less than a 2-day drive away from the path of totality.”

But here’s a better visual of the path:

Most importantly if you’re going to actually view it, you have to be extremely safe!!! You must wear protective viewing lenses. We cannot emphasize that enough.

Now to fun stuff.

As we said this is the first time in 38 years since we’ve had a solar eclipse, here on the mainland, so we’re going take this as a huge indicator by the higher power. This monumental moment goes beyond space and time, so we’re going to treat this as an even bigger event than New Year’s Eve.

Think of all the special rituals you have for your birthday and/or the New Year. The solar eclipse is just like that, only extremely amplified so this is our chance to put out all of our best intentions out there. But first it’s important to remember…




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