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This Clothing Company Will Make All Of Your Mexican Fashion Dreams Come True

When I was a little kid and thought about my wedding day, I honestly wanted to wear a charro dress and a big rimmed hat. I blame telenovelas for my charro fantasies, but this thing is also about expressing pride for my Mexican culture. Turns out I am not alone in this. People all over the country adore charro wear too, which is why Francisco Galvez founded Charro Azteca in January 2015.

The reasoning behind why he launched his company in the first place is the cutest story ever. He tells mitú: “My dream had always been to dress my son in a White Charrito traje for his baptism. Now the question was where to get this suit? Even if you do [have access to these retailers], you still have to visit 3-4 locations because of limited quantities and the possibility of them not having your size. I had a problem and figured other people were going through the same thing, so I wanted to fix that.”

Two years later, people cannot get enough. The looks themselves are beautifully tailored and have fine detail that speak volumes of their commitment to Mexican tradition and its authenticity.


“The ultimate purpose of Charro Azteca is to deliver the Mexican culture to every door step in the country,” Galvez tells mitú. “We want to become the Amazon of all authentic, Mexican culture products. Our tagline is ‘It’s in our blood’ or ‘Lo tenemos en la sangre.'”

Amen to that!

The attire that they offer don’t have to be just for a wedding or religious affair, but can be as simple as a personal photoshoot. Yes, I am solely thinking of how to finally make my charro dreams come true. Charro Azteca also offers casual Mexican attire. Just think…what would Frida Kahlo wear and where would she buy it? Right here!

Here’s some looks that I love.


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