How I’m Celebrating Chosen Familia and Embracing Mom Life Realness

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Every type of celebration brings la familia together like a beautiful tapestry of traditions and love interwoven with laughter and joy! But here’s the thing – for many of us, having our immediate familia with us isn’t always in the cards. That’s where the enchanting idea of chosen familia takes center stage! What’s a chosen familia, you ask? Well, let me paint you a picture: it’s like creating a family album with the friends so close to your heart that folks often wonder if they’re your primos or even your siblings when they see you together.

Now, here’s my story. While I don’t have blood-related primas that I share a close bond with, I do have beautiful friendships that have smiled upon me. For instance, I’ve had the privilege of hand-picking my familia in my amazing best friend, Jan. From the moment I met her, it was as if the universe had whispered in my ear, “This one’s for keeps!” Jan, my dear Jan, embodies every attribute one could ever wish for in a family member. She has a trustworthiness that is as solid as a rock. She’s the kind who’s got your back in the darkest of nights and she’ll show up for you faster than a pizza delivery on a Friday night. Most importantly, she loves my kids as if they were her very own – can you feel the warmth in your heart? We are like two peas in a pod, sharing a gazillion personality traits and more interests than you can shake a stick at.

Our connection is so special that she’s become like a prima to me and that’s pretty special to me.

Dris Wallace
Credit: Courtesy

As two busy moms juggling life’s crazy circus, we are constantly in cahoots, sharing tips and tricks that keep us from turning into frazzled, hair-pulling maniacs. We have this golden goal – to be working mamás and still host our families without losing our last shred of sanity. Sounds like a quest, right? Well, we are up for it and we are armed with some mamá hacks that are worth their weight in gold. 

Our #1 mamá hack? It’s all about staying connected, amigos.

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We send quick updates, such as a friendly “Hey, how are you, miss you” text and we make sure to plan the occasional outing every few months. Oh, and let us not forget the secret ingredient – GIFs, memes and the freshest celebrity news links from the depths of the internet. But here is the kicker – we’ve learned not to sweat it if we don’t get an instant reply. No pressure, no fuss. We understand that in this wild, wild world, we are all just trying to survive and thrive. So, if a reply takes a couple of days, no hard feelings, because we are in this together, supporting each other through thick and thin. When the going gets tough, we check in on each other and send extra love because we understand the daily grind of being a working mom, running a business and maintaining a healthy marriage. And when you have got other mamas who are sailing in the same boat and offering their life jackets, you know you’re in good hands.

If I ever start to feel stressed, I know I can rely on Jen for some wise tips.

Jan and I swap recipes that turn our kitchen into a festive wonderland and play games that have everyone laughing till their bellies ache. And oh, the outfits – we have got a treasure trove of outfit ideas. Gathering together with our familias is a celebration in itself, and we love sharing tips that have turned all of our special celebrations into picture-perfect moments. But there is one hack that Jan absolutely adores – it’s my cleaning hack. And that is when you take a team approach and have the right quality products in your corner, you can transform the act of cleaning into a moment of self-care. 

While I turn to Jan for recipes that can transform your dining table into a five-star restaurant, she comes to me for cleaning hacks that will leave your home spotless. I’ve been a loyal fan of Clorox for decades, and when I shared my cleaning hacks and my go-to Clorox products, Jan never looked back. She’s a true-blue Clorox fan! She’s constantly reminding me of how grateful she is for introducing her to this holiday lifesaver. I mean, who would not appreciate the importance of a sparkling clean home when you are playing host to la familia, right? 

For us busy mamás, Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes and Clorox® Disinfecting Bleach are must-haves to tackle everyday messes. In typical Jan mode, when she sees how overwhelming hosting can be between cleaning, cooking and entertaining, she always reminds me that there is no mess that Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes cannot fix.

One last important tip that we share in common and try to abide by is capturing the magic for every occasion.

Dris Wallace
Credit: Courtesy

We have learned that getting in front of the camera and snapping those candid moments is like bottling up pure happiness. Capturing those beautiful traditions and special celebrations deserves to be cherished. The hack here is to try your best to take the family photos right before the kids start chasing their primos and devouring all the savory food. But it’s not just a mamá hack; it’s a piece of our hearts, a snapshot journey, and a way for our children to relive the magic of every family gathering for years to come. Capturing moments like these is something that will be carried on for generations. 

In the grand tapestry of life, chosen familia and mom hacks add the brightest colors, creating moments that we will cherish forever. So, here is to the bonds of friendship that transcend family ties and to wholesome gatherings – a time when laughter and love reign supreme!

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