It’s Time to Experience the Magic of Dining Alone

Eating is a social event; a time to sit down with loved ones to enjoy a meal together, and let the stress of the day roll away

young woman dining alone in a restaurant


Eating is a social event; a time to sit down with loved ones to enjoy a meal together, and let the stress of the day roll away. It’s a great way to strengthen bonds and share our traditions with each other. It is for these same reasons that I also love to eat out by myself. I know this is something that many people don’t enjoy, but I feel that eating out by yourself is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Eating by yourself gives you the freedom to eat wherever you want and there’s no need to keep a conversation flowing – just sit back and savor the flavor of each bite. I often bring my favorite book or a magazine, order a drink plus a little food, and relax at a table for one!

Below are five things I look for in a place when I am eating solo.

  1. A good bar. Nice and wide with an attentive bartender. Big bonus for when there hooks under the bar to hang your bag. I do not like a crowded bar. If the bar is crowded I will always opt for a table. 
  2. Not totally empty, not totally crowded. A few guests in the place show me that the food is fresh and my waiter won’t helicopter around me to see what else I might need.
  3. A compelling wine list. Serve me something that dazzles on a wine list and I will be a loyal customer. It’s nice to be able to choose from wine selections in various places, especially if they are made locally.
  4. Waitstaff that doesn’t think it’s weird you are eating alone. When you first arrive if you sense that the establishment’s staff think it’s weird you are eating alone, then leave. You should not be made to feel shame for wanting to eat a meal alone.
  5. The perfect vibe. It’s so important to be in an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed, rich in love, and comfortable. That can be a lot of different things to everyone. I like cozy bars with good food and I also like more classy style hotel bars. I know people who love dive bars or pizza spots. It all comes down to your own individual preferences.

Still not convinced that solo eating is something you can be into? Check out these reasons why you should go out to eat alone and for more info on how to dine out alone (and love it!)

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