6 Conferences For Latinxs You Should Save Up For

Conferences can be an amazing way to connect with like-minded folks, gain some knowledge, and network to improve your career

Photo: Unsplash/@climatereality

Photo: Unsplash/@climatereality

Conferences can be an amazing way to connect with like-minded folks, gain some knowledge, and network to improve your career. For Latinas, it’s especially important to find places that support us in our careers, in our families, in politics, and in our lives. Fortunately, there are a large number of excellent conferences that specifically cater to Latinxs (and many that are mainly for just Latinas). The Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit is an excellent one geared towards young Latinxs who aim to become business leaders. Celebrando Latinas is a great one that features personal development workshops and inspirational talks. But what are some others you shouldn’t miss out on? We’ve rounded them up here just for you.

#WeAllGrow Summit

Young Latinas who make their bread-and-butter online know that #WeAllGrow is one of the hottest networking groups around. Latina digital creatives, influencers, and entrepreneurs love the online community and support #WeAllGrow offers, but it’s at the annual convention that they all get to meet face-to-face, while also connecting with brands for partnerships, and gaining inspiration and insight by way of speakers and storytellers.



One of the largest and most well-known conferences geared toward Latinxs is certainly Hispanicize. The event began in 2010 and has successfully attracted Latinx content creators, brand marketers, influencers, non-profits, artists including musicians and filmmakers, writers and journalists, and even celebs. Their next event is being planned for the fall in LA.



BeVisible is a professional career network specifically for Latinx folks, and they held their first ever conference this year: #BeWokeSF. As the name suggests, the conference is definitely for more “woke” Latinxs who understand the importance and need for representation across all career industries.


NALIP Media Summit

The National Association for Latino Producers is an organization dedicated to promoting the work of Latinx media makes, from television and film to documentary-making and new media. Their 19th annual NALIP Media Summit is happening this June and will include speakers like Gloria Calderon Kellett (producer of One Day At A Time) and Starz VIDA creator Tanya Saracho. So basically, you’ll be in top-tier company.


Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (Multiple Conferences)

For politically inclined Latinxs, HOPE organizes multiple conferences for celebrating Latinx achievements in politics and history, as well as for career development. Latinas in their twenties and thirties might especially appreciate their Young Professionals Summit, a conference in California where attendees can check out workshops on civic engagement, networking, personal branding, and more. Their Latino Action Day is another great one that often brings speakers involved in politics (from congress people to activists and organizers).  


Latinas & Power Symposium

Latins & Power just celebrated their “quinceanera” but it’s never too early to start planning for next year’s conference, which focuses on Latina movers and shakers. The annual event brings a number of inspirational speakers (broadcast journalist Ana Navarro and Puerto Rico’s Mayor Carmen Yuliz Cruz), various workshops on professional development, and more.

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