Coronavirus Crisis: See New Movies, Visit Museums & Zoos at Home

To all of those staying home: we know staying at home can be challenging

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To all of those staying home: we know staying at home can be challenging. We know you may be getting irritable, and the anxiety may be creeping in. There may be a million things you want to do while you’re at home (cleaning, organizing, reading, and, yes, working) but we also understand that thinking about the coronavirus health crisis is stressful in itself and can make it impossible to get anything done. So here’s some relief: take a break. If you need to escape without leaving your house, go see a new movie or go to the museum! You can do all these things by staying home — here’s how. 

NBCUniversal’s Universal Pictures is releasing a couple of brand new films via streaming services. Movies that you were expecting to see such as The Invisible Man, The Huntand Emma will be available to stream on-demand for a 48-hour rental at the suggested price of $19.99 each. It may seem a little steep to fork over $20 to watch a movie at home, but you’d pay a lot more in the movie theater. Trolls World Tour will also be available to stream at home in April (because we’ll definitely homebound for an uncertain period). 

Now would also be an excellent time to take a break from Instagram and expose your eyes and brain to a whole new realm of beautiful imagery. Several museums from around the world will be making their collections available for virtual visits via Google Arts & Culture. 

For example, if you click on the Museum of Modern Art in New York, you can see the new Sophie Taeuber-Arp exhibit as well as their Contemporary Art collection, and their Modern Art. The options are endless. You can then visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and view the most breathtaking and iconic works of art.

Here are the museums that offer these virtual experiences via Google Arts & Culture: 

Aside from movies and museums, you can also visit a zoo! The Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari offers live streaming shows, and the San Diego Zoo has set up cameras throughout their park. 

And if you’re up for music, The Metropolitan Opera is offering a different show each night on their website from 7 p.m. EDT until 3:30 p.m. EDT the following day. Also, today, John Legend is doing a free concert at 4 p.m. EDT!

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