9 Couples Get Real About What Wedding Night Sex Is Really Like

Wedding night sex is special… but it can also be an unnecessary tradition that only adds undue pressure in today’s modern world where couples are likely living together (and yes, having sex) long before they actually walk down the aisle. Things are changing and, today, more than half of couples do NOT have sex on their wedding night, according to a survey by lingerie brand Bluebella. So why do so many still view it as SO important and, ultimately, is it overrated or deeply valued?

To find the answer, HipLatina spoke with nine couples who agreed to reveal all of the details about their own wedding night nookie (anonymously, of course) and how they felt about the experience. Ultimately, the answers vary as much as the couples themselves do — everyone has their own opinion on whether or not wedding night sex is worthwhile or pointless. Whether or not you embrace the tradition or ignore the pressure surrounding it, one couple summed it up perfectly: “Well, we’ve been sleeping together for 15 years, we’ve got another… 50 or so years, if we’re lucky, so I don’t think this specific night of sex is really going to make a difference.”

1. The couple who waited a few days. 

“For us, it wasn’t anything special, and it kind of felt like a chore that we ‘had’ to do it. We actually didn’t get to it until a couple of days after our wedding, because we traveled for our mini-moon right after our wedding.”




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