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Create an Anti-Aging Home with Feng Shui, Part 1

Did you know that a building can empower you or drain you? How we feel and how we function is determined by who we are, is influenced by the people around us like our family, partners, friends and colleagues, and of course what we eat and what our lifestyle is like.

Our building environment, the places where we live and work, have a major impact on our well being. This is because our body is like a sophisticated antenna system, receiving millions of signals from our immediate environment—we are affected by our neighborhood, house, bedroom, living room, office, etc. When these signals are positive, the environment will energize us, but when these signals are negative, it will drain us.

Feng Shui

The knowledge about the influence of the building environment on our wellbeing was studied by the Chinese 5,000 years ago to design and build the palaces of the empires so the leaders could be empowered each day to rule their empires and live long, prosperous lives (see the book Feng Shui and Your Health by Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim). Through understanding the principles of Feng Shui and using the practice in our lives today, we can create healthier, lower stress environments where our bodies can release tension and gain energy.

Modern Stressors

In the 21st century, our work pressures are intense, our to-do lists long. Apart from our careers, our personal lives can be even more hectic because we push ourselves, and each other, to live life to the fullest.

Hectic schedules can lead to an unconscious build-up of a lot of tension in our physical and mental spaces, and there is hardly any room to cope with our emotional energy. The trouble with this is that the tensed body and mind drains our resources, resulting in all kinds of negative effects, including faster aging of the body.

The first aging effects will show on the skin of your face and neck because it is thinner than the skin elsewhere. The moment you go on vacation, you change your environment and get away from the stress factors, your body immediately reacts by releasing tension, and all the cells start to rejuvenate. When you say you need a vacation, it’s actually true. The body and mind need time away from your normal surroundings to let go of tension and anxiety.

Creating a Positive Environment at Home

By transforming our homes into sanctuaries, full of positive energy, they will become vital spaces where we can fully relax and enjoy peace of mind. The lower-stress living environment and positive energy flow, the natural life force called Qi, in the house will softly energize and renew us.

As a result the body will revitalize itself like you have been on holiday on all three levels, body, mind and soul and this will have an anti-aging (better to say slow aging) effect. People living in a Feng Shui vitalized home often look 10-15 years younger than people living in a stressed home.

There are many Feng Shui schools that use different systems. I use the knowledge of Qi-mag Feng Shui that integrate all the different Feng Shui schools into one system. In the next article in this series, I will mention the five most important Qi-mag Feng Shui remedies that have a big impact on the vitality of your house and which can help to transform your dwelling into a vital anti-aging home.

Aniel Ramjanam is an International Architect and Qimag Feng Shui Master. He advises multinationals, CEO’s, (sport)celebrities and royal families to transform their homes and offices in vitalizing buildings.