5 Curly Hair Tips I Learned From Black Women


5 Things Black Women Taught Me About My Curly Hair HipLatina

IG: @KinsleyDeborrah

As curly girls, we’re told from a very young age that it is not professional, attractive or acceptable to let our natural hair out. We are pushed into straightening it since our parents, sisters, aunts, and cousins rarely know how to take care of our curls. Luckily for us, there is a lot of information out there about curl care these days and most of it is a result of the work and exploration done by women in the Black and Afro-Latina community.

But it can be difficult determining what’s right for your hair type as well as how to apply those techniques to non-textured hair. I recently had the pleasure of joining four women in the curly hair movement for a @curltalks panel chat about our curl journeys and this is what I learned from them:




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