7 Brands With Curvy Girl-Approved Yoga Pants

Let’s be real, yoga pants/leggings are more than just workout clothes, the debate about whether or not they should actually be worn as pants is a thing, but the real issue I’ve encountered over the years is regarding the fit. If you’ve worn a pair of cute yoga pants out in the world and suddenly realized they were almost completely sheer in the butt because of how tight they are, you’re not alone. Equally annoying and embarrassing are the leggings that roll down when you’re in downward dog, doing squats or just hug you in all the wrong places. If you are a normal everyday human you’ve got cellulite, stretch marks, and even some lonjita, all of which can be exacerbated by the wrong cut, size, and fabric. Whether you’re plus-size queen or you simply have a more robust frame you’ll appreciate this list of stylish curvy girl approved yoga pants.


Lucy is dedicated to making activewear for all body types and for all the kinds of activities those bodies do. Sizes are stretchy and comfortable, with good coverage. They go from XS-XL, which aren’t technically all sizes but they will probably fit up to a size 16/18.




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