8 Curvy Yogis Changing the Perception of What a Yoga Body Looks Like


Curvy women doing yoga

There’s nothing worse than walking into a gym or studio class and feeling body-shamed. No one wants to feel judged for their body, especially if you’re in the process of taking steps to improve your health!

Years ago, when I first considered getting into yoga, it felt as if everyone who practiced was rail-thin. There’s no shame in being skinny – get it girl! But as a new practitioner, I would have preferred to see women of all different shapes and sizes (and colors) getting their “downward dog” on. Fortunately, yogis of color and curvy yogis are using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to change the stereotype around yoga. More women (and men) are helping to break the notion that a yoga practitioner looks a very specific way. And these eight curvy yogis are proving yoga is truly for EVERY body.




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