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7 Curvy Latina Fitness Instagrammers You Should Be Following

In the real world, being fit isn’t just about being thin, it’s about being healthy and strong. Fitness isn’t about making yourself into a picture-perfect Instagram model, but rather about setting your own goals and overcoming challenges to achieve them. It’s about overall wellness, mental and physical strength, and perseverance. And it’s absolutely about accepting your body for what it is and what it is not, and putting in the work to bring out its best regardless of how anyone else looks. These 7 Latina fitness Instagrammers are doing just that. Check them out for lots of body positive fitspo.


Fabiana Ferrarini


Fabiana transformed her mind and body after years of being bullied about her looks as a child. Then she became a mother and was determined not to lose the body she had worked so hard to achieve. She started an Instagram account to chronicle her fitness journey after having her first child and eventually became a certified health coach, personal trainer and International fitness model. Her IG is a fun collection of her workouts, meals, travels and family.

Alejandra Betancourt


Alejandra Betancourt is a bodybuilding beast. Her Instagram is all about building strength and packing on muscle as she trains for bodybuilding events and bikini competitions. It also features lots of video clips of her workout sessions and photos, chronicling her gains along with random but fun food pics and inspiring quotes. A worthy follow for anyone looking for exercise inspiration.

Gia Fey


International fitness trainer, Gia Fey’s curves are absolutely epic, but she’s more than just a beautiful body. She’s also a successful entrepreneur that has turned her fitness ambitions into a successful business. Though her IG is mostly stocked with pretty fitspo pics, Gia has created a series of Body by Gia fitness programs that are available on a subscription basis and has a YouTube channel that features exercise, beauty and health videos in both English and Spanish.

Camille Gonzalez


The founder of Faithful Fitness LLC., Camille Gonzalez is a public health educator and certified personal trainer who takes a holistic approach to fitness to ensure that the mind, heart and body are all in sync. Camille’s thick, muscular thighs and strong arms are evidence of just how much work she puts into her body. She posts some seriously tough workouts on Instagram, along with the info on the science behind weight loss, maintenance and bodybuilding.

Massy Arias

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Because Monday’s are meant to be crushed [read below tribe] being healthy isn’t only about what you look like on the outside. You can have fit body, but if you don’t have a healthy mind, eventually your body will slowly break down. Being healthy physically, and mentally go hand in hand. How do you ever find balance in a world that is constantly demanding so much of you? I’m not sure who needs this, but I felt like sharing. The world doesn’t stop, neither does time. If you don’t allow yourself to focus on the things that bring you the most happiness and motivate you to continue to keep going, your life will feel like it’s spinning out of control. This week I’d like you to try and do the following: 1: organize your work week and put everything on a schedule. If it’s not planned, it will probably not happen. 2: prioritize YOU in your schedule. This means you’ll make the time for self care; if you look good, you’ll feel good. 3: make the time to workout which is part of your self care. Working out gets you mentally and physically healthy. 4: meditate and no matter what, make time for your friends and family. Stay positive tribe! LET’S GET IT! @mawarriors #childofGod ____________________________________________________ Los Lunes son para ser conquistados!Ser saludable no se trata solo de cómo te ves por fuera. Puedes tener un cuerpo en forma, pero si no tienes una mente sana, eventualmente tu cuerpo se descompondrá lentamente. La salud mental y física van de la mano. Entonces, ¿cómo puedes encontrar el equilibrio en un mundo que constantemente te exige tanto? No estoy segura de quién necesita esto, pero tenía ganas de compartir. Esta semana me gustaría que hagas lo siguiente: 1: organiza tu semana laboral y pon todo en un horario. Si no está planeado, probablemente no lo harás. 2: date prioridad a TI en tu horario. Esto significa que haras tiempo para tu cuidado personal; si te ves bien, te sentirás bien. 3: pon en tu horario tu tiempo para el ejercicio. El ejercitarte te mantiene mental y físicamente saludable. 4: medita y pase lo que pase, haz tiempo para tus amigos y familiares. Ponle atención a lo que te trae paz. Dale!

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Originally known as Manko Fit, the upbeat, perky Massy Arias is kind of the OG when it comes to fitness-oriented Latina Instagrammers. Her catchy workout clips that all ended with a quirky little dance garnered her lots of attention in the fitness world, but in the past year her career has really exploded. She recently had her first child and has been committed to posting honestly about her experience gaining weight and losing muscle as well as about her journey back to fitness after having her baby—all with the most authentic positive spirit.

Carmen Morgan

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PORTION SIZES✋🏽✊🏽👍🏽 We all generally eat PROTEIN, CARBS, & FAT in our daily meals. Here is one, quick, simple way to assess your meals, like my featured breakfast. Swipe for the sizes. ✋🏽Does your meal include at least 1 palm size portion of protein? 3 scrambled eggs in my case. 👋🏽Does your meal have a cupped hand size portion of carbs? Raspberries & blueberries for me. Could be grains or oats. 👍🏽Does your meal include a thumb sized portion of fats? Lemon shallot vinaigrette on my salad. ✊🏽Does your meal have at least 1 fist sized portion of veggies? I had 2 fists of spring mix. . ❌ Is this an exact breakdown of the macros YOU specifically need? No. ✅ Is this a quick, simple way to improve your meals both when you’re eating at home & out? Yes! ❌ Does this apply to EVERY type of diet? No, for example keto or carnivore. ✅ Can this apply to most diets? Yes, even vegan & vegetation, your protein source is simply different. ❌ Does this mean veggies aren’t carbs? No. Veggies are carbs, BUT we all know they’re good for you. If you think you’re eating too many carbs, it’s highly unlikely that nutrient dense vegetable carbs are the ones you need to downsize. ✅ Are you eating enough veggies? I know some days I don’t. Which is why I try to have 2 fists in my breakfast meal. . All your meals don’t have to look like this. For example, for me, several of my meals include 2 palm size portions of protein & maybe 2 thumbs of fat. This is just a helpful way to assess quickly & make those necessary improvements. . #portionsizes #portionsize #portionsmatter #portionsizematters #carbs #protein #fat #healthyeating #healthyeatinghabits #easyhealthymeals #eatinghealthy #eatinghealthymadeeasy #healthyeatingmadeeasy #healthyeatingtips #nutrition #nutritioncoach #nutritiontips #mytrainercarmenmeals #mytrainercarmen

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Personal trainer Carmen Morgan proves that some girls prioritize strong over skinny. From her Instagram posts, it’s pretty clear that she’s naturally slim and has used exercise to fill out her body and become stronger and healthier. If fitness isn’t just about weight loss for you, Carmen’s IG feed has got you covered, with lots of training and nutrition advice and a bit of fashion thrown in there for good measure. She’s also created a subscription-based fitness app with exercise tutorials, fitness trackers and more.

Lyzabeth Lopez


Lyzabeth Lopez is pretty well-known in the fitness world. She’s a fitness model, master trainer, self-proclaimed holistic nutritionist and the creator of the “Hourglass Workout,” which focuses on enhancing curves rather than taming them. She’s not just a pretty face though, she has the education and experience to back up her advice. In fact, after battling years of disordered eating and over-training, Lyzabeth has dedicated her career to researching and testing the best methods to achieve a fit, curvy shape regardless of body type. Her Instagram features lots of shots of her insanely toned physique and plenty of video tutorials.