5 Instagram Accounts That Promote Body Positivity

Think about the people in your life (not celebrities) you admire most

Photo: Unsplash/@joanna_nix

Photo: Unsplash/@joanna_nix

Think about the people in your life (not celebrities) you admire most. All set? Now tell me, are they ranked by most toned arms? I didn’t think so. Scrolling through Instagram, it can be discouraging to continuously see hardcore fitness posts or #thinspiration littering your feed.

Love of our bodies shouldn’t be limited to only when we are “in shape,” but rather at every age and shape. Even if you hope to change your body, it will be much easier to make positive changes and maintain positive body image if you are starting from a place of self regard. Take the time to follow these five Latina body positive Instagram accounts to jump-start and grow your body confidence today!


Virgie Tovar (@virgietovar) is a body image activist and experienced lector, who hosts workshops and lectures all around the country and online. Her online course, Babecamp, lasts four weeks, and is designed to promote body positivity through “breaking up with diet culture.”



Sandra Negron of @lapecosapreciosa is a Puerto Rican blogger focusing on fashion, beauty, and curly hair. In addition to her blog, La Pecosa Preciosa, she is co-founder of @bloggerhousecurvycloset, and is one-third of @theigwives.wp_*posts


Nalgona Positivity Pride (@nalgonapositivitypride) is an organization created by Gloria Lucas that strives to promote fat positivity, and bring awareness to eating disorder trauma. Focusing on the Xican@, Brown, and Indigenous community, @nalgonapositivitypride promotes its message of body love through Instagram, community outreach, and Etsy.



@Fatchicanafeminist posts daily self-care quotes and photos on Instagram meant to spread body positivity, self-love, and acceptance. The account is run anonymously, with a following of 12.9 thousand people.



Rosie Mercado (@rosiemercado) is a Chicana plus-size model, T.V. personality, makeup artist, brand ambassador, fashion designer, and life coach, with a whopping 125 thousand followers on Instagram. She promotes the idea of loving yourself at whatever size you are, and has been the voice, and face, of plus-size women on shows including The Doctors, Curvy Girls, and Despierta America (as their 2017 Latin Grammys co-host).

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