11 Avocado Dishes That Aren’t Guacamole

If you like avocados, chances are you’re a fan of guacamole. It’s the perfect accompaniment to chips, and a great topping on food. But, avocados are a really versatile fruit (yep, they are a fruit) and you can do many things with them.

So give the avocado it’s due, and don’t subject it to being the muse of one-food item. Check out these different incarnations; all the recipes can be found on our Avocado Ideas board on Pinterest.

Goat Cheese and Avocado Toast

Goat and Avocado HipLatina

Photo & Recipe Credit Love & Olive Oil



















Avocado toast has become the go-to food for many a healthy eater. This recipe crumbles tangy goat cheese on top of toast and smushed avocado, with chili pepper flakes sprinkled on top. This speaks to my soul.




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