Odd Couples: 5 Weird Food Pairings That Shouldn’t Be Delicious But Are!

Some foods were simply made to be together, like PB&J, chips and salsa, burgers and fries… these are classic food pairings that we know and love. But every once in a while, two ingredients that have no business belonging in the same dish somehow make it work. When thrown together, they create unexpectedly delicious flavor combinations.

Some of these culinary odd couples have become global foodie trends. We’re looking at you, bacon and chocolate. Others might be familiar in Latino recipe books but would raise eyebrows (and nostrils) in other parts of the world. To celebrate these unusual food pairings, here five deliciously weird food pairings that you can find in our kitchen.

Chicken and Chocolate

Chocolate mole

Just thinking about those two ingredients together would make some folks squirm, and to be fair, it really doesn’t like an appetizing combination. But then you bite into a dish of chicken mole and suddenly, chocolate and chicken is absolutely delicious.

By the way, mole can refer to any sauce… like guacamole. The chicken and chocolate variety is known as mole poblano.




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