Democratic Socialist Julia Salazar Wins New York State Primary Election

Well, we were wrong

Photo: Unsplash/@thomashabr

Photo: Unsplash/@thomashabr

Well, we were wrong. Despite having a very complicated and controversial campaign, 27-year-old democratic socialist Julia Salazar has won the primary election for New York State Senate in District 18. Voting results show that Salazar gained a stunning 57 percent of the votes, defeating 16-year incumbent Martin Dilan. Because Salazar represents a blue state, she is likely to win the general election in November, making her New York’s first socialist state senator in nearly a century.

At her victory party in Bushwick, Salazar said last night: “This is a victory for workers.” On her social media page, Salazar went even further, saying: “Tonight’s victory is not about me. Tonight’s victory is about thousands of New Yorkers coming together and choosing to fight against rising rents and homelessness in our communities. Tonight’s victory is about the strength of our shared vision of democratic socialism. Tonight’s victory is about the hope we have of creating a New York for the many. Thank you to everyone who phone banked, canvassed, donated, and volunteered for this campaign. It means more than words can express. This victory does not belong to me. It belongs to us, and to the world we’re trying to create.”

As we reported earlier this week, we were kind of iffy about Salazar. While we’d love to see a Latina represent Brooklyn, her background — including her education, her financial upbringing, her beliefs, and even a possible scandal involving a former pro-baseball player — clouded her campaign. She was making headlines more than the issues she was fighting for. It seems that New York City voters were able to put all of that aside and vote for someone who represents them as she stands now not then.

Salazar, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is also fighting for affordable housing, medicare for all, the homelessness issues and more. Another Latina in New York City, democrat Catalina Cruz won in her district as well.

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