10 Destinations to Visit on Your Next Texas Road Trip

“Everything’s Bigger in Texas,” they say, and certain destination spots are a must to catch on your next road trip through Texas. From dance halls to unusual sightings, and small town charm, the sky’s the limit to what you will come across in the great state of Texas. Below are a few hotspots not to miss on a Lone Star State journey.

The River Walk in San Antonio, TX

Remember the scene in Selena where she’s sitting on top of a bridge overlooking a river with her husband Chris holding her, and she’s happy that her dreams have come true? Well, that was the sight of the River Walk in San Antonio, TX. A gem of the town as it winds down its path-lined with shops, restaurants, and even a chance to jump on a boat and take a tour down its banks. “The River Walk, or Paseo del Rio, is the largest urban ecosystem in the nation,” shares visitsanantonio.com.




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