How to Tell the Difference Between Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Nationality ethnicity and race HipLatina

Lately, non-white people have been spending a lot of time learning (or at least hearing about) the impact of their whiteness on the rest of the world. And admittedly, people of color have also begun to look more deeply at themselves and the long-held beliefs we’ve had about ourselves, as a result of whiteness and white supremacy. The outcome? Many of us have begun to understand our own identities in deeper and more nuanced ways, which has led many of us to the often confusing conversations around race, ethnicity, and nationality.

With so many people identifying as Afro-Latinx, Black (but not African-American), or Latinx but not Black, it’s time we break down all the top resources to help you understand the key nuances between race, nationality, and ethnicity.




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