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Poll Finds Up to 40 Percent of Voters Are Offended by the Term “Latinx”

Sofía Aguilar
This month has brought in new fuel to add to the decades-long debate in the Latinx community: the name we use to identify ourselves. Do we use Latino or Latinx or Latine? Do we call it #LatinxHeritageMonth or #HispanicHeritageMonth? Chicana...
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My Multi-Racial Kids Helped Me Connect With My Afro-Latinx Identity

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
From as early as I can remember, I recall my Puerto Rican parents and grandparents drilling into me that we were a mixture of African, European and Taíno. That knowledge and the rich culture associated with that particular Afro-Caribbean genetic...
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Why We Need To Stop Referring To Afro-Latinxs as ‘Other Latinxs’

Being Black in a Latinx space is by design an othering experience. Just how melaninated you are, or tight and course your curls are, will determine which questions get funneled your way. As an adult, I now know these attempts...
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Afro-Latina vs. Negra: 5 Black Women of Latin American Descent Share How They Identify

  Identity is layered. With the evolution of terminologies and expansion of definitions, it’s complex and far from static. For our community, it’s no different as we’ve seen terms like Hispanic, Latino and now Latinx originate within the last 50...