Go-Getter Like J.Lo or Nurturer Like Gina? Here’s How to Identify and Harness Your Brand Archetype

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Exactly! Life is all about honoring your unique creative expression and being authentic to who you are. However, there’s nothing that says we can’t get inspired by others who are awesome and special, in their own respect.

When cultivating your personal brand, it’s important to recognize your own strengths, skills, and personality traits. This is where you’ll find your unique mojo to bring into the world. One great way of understanding how to do that is to identify and harness your brand archetype.

Your personal brand is your unique imprint on the world but your brand archetype will fall under a specific persona type: the creators, free spirits, go-getters, and nurturers.

Creators are the makers of the world. They are driven by their desire to make things.

Famous creators include songwriter Gloria Estefan, mompreneur Eva Mendes, and Kathy Murillo-Cano, a Phoenix-based entrepreneur who puts her unique spin on DIY crafts.

You will find these women creating new art, producing film & tv projects, launching a clothing line, and bringing to life their new projects.




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