#DIY Winter Pamper Session You Can Do Right at Home

It’s always nice to escape to the spa and forget about the cold winter weather. But if you overspent during the holiday season, or just want to be frugal, you can create a spa-like, pampering experience, right at home. Here are some ways to take your home beauty regimen to the next level, so when you meet your amigas they’ll think you’re fresh out of the spa.

A Soothing Bath

Photo: Dominik Vanyi/Unsplash

A warm bath with oatmeal or baking soda can help gently soothe and moisturize your skin. Be careful not to make the water too hot — it certainly does feel good to slip into a nice, hot bath for a good soak after battling the winter cold, but this turns out not to be the best thing for your skin. The hotter the water, the more it strips the skin of its natural moisture barrier, leading to rough, red patches.

If you really want to treat yourself and help your skin at the same time, you can spice up your bath by adding some lavender. Fill the tub with hot water, add two cups of Epsom salts, one cup of baking soda, and 10 drops of lavender oil. Let the water cool a bit, add a scented candle, and you’re good to go!




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