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Easy Last Minute DIY Ideas for Your Labor Day Party

It’s officially Labor Day today and it’s just another reminder that summer will soon be coming to end. If you are making the best of it by having a family and friends Labor Day gathering, we have put together our “End of Summer List” that can add a little fun for you and the kids. The slide show includes ideas for outdoor games, jazzing up your outdoor space with herbs, fun with ice cubes and sweat-proof cosmetics so you can enjoy the day without worrying about smudging your makeup.

Rosé is definitely a drink of choice for the summer.


Consider whipping up one of these delicious cocktails – like a mosé: a margarita, rosé combo.

Fun and Games

You can keep people of all ages entertained with this DIY cornhole set.


It’s hot out.

If you need a couple tips on maintaining a sweat proof look we have the list for you.

There are plenty of ways you can spruce up your home and patio.


If you’ve got paint cans and some yarn, consider this DIY herb garden.

Lets make ice cubes fun!

Make some fresh and easy salads.


If you’ve had a chance to hit up your local farmer’s market, hopefully you scored some in-season corn and tomatoes to create this healthy and refreshing chilled tomato and corn salad.

Dessert Ideas from our Delish Pinterest Board.


Have a great weekend!