7 Reasons We’re Booking A Flight to L.A. Just For a Bite of Donas Donuts

donas donuts hiplatina


“Why should people have to go to Downtown or Long Beach to find something like this?” Amber Bobadilla told L.A. Taco. Bobadilla is referencing Donas — a super cute, donut shop in Downey, California. All of the donuts are Mexican-inspired with toppings featuring favorite Mexican delights, and named after famous Mexican icons. Bobadilla opened the shop last fall and owns it alongside her sister Ashley Leon-Vazquez, and her brother-in-law David Vasquez. David also owns the Horchateria Rio Luna coffee shop in Paramount.

Bobadilla’s point — regarding leaving your own hood just to get high-quality stuff — is completely correct. I grew up in Montebello, not far from Downey, and always had to haul my ass through traffic toward L.A. just to hang out and do fun things. There were no hip mom and pop shops anywhere, everything was a chain, or just basic, so it brings me so much joy to see new Latino-owned businesses flourishing in real neighborhoods.

Donas went viral earlier this month after Foodbeast did a video on how they create their donuts.

I did some perusing on their Instagram, and was floored by their creativity. What they’re doing out there is genius!

Here’s 7 reasons why we’re booking a flight back home just to try one of these magical creations.




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