Lola’s POV: Don’t Call Me An Influencer

Recently I’ve stumbled upon loads of ads that have not only covered my screen with their useless content, but they’ve opened up a whole new rant that I didn’t know I had in me

Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

Photo: Courtesy of Lola Montilla

Recently I’ve stumbled upon loads of ads that have not only covered my screen with their useless content, but they’ve opened up a whole new rant that I didn’t know I had in me. The advertisement read: “Do you want to become a famous Instagram influencer?” and something along the lines of “become popular blah, blah, blah—get money and have people follow your every move” in hopes of you pretending that people love you because they comment “omg goals!” on your Insta feed.

I feel that it’s sad to advertise that type of lifestyle because it’s as if that’s the only way that people can know who you are. Post this, organize your food like this, dress like that, travel, eat a lot and brag about it, but stay skinny because, don’t forget, YOU ARE BODY GOALS! The only body goal for me is to eat a bowl of Mac and Cheese without gaining weight. Other than that unfeasible goal and unrealistic body expectations, my goal is to NOT be an influencer. Who am I going to influence? What could I possibly influence on? Stay hydrated and follow your dreams? Are you kidding? No one listens to their mom when they give them life tips, but they’ll listen if the advice comes from a girl on a phone screen?

Listen, obviously no hate to influencers (although I feel like when you call yourselves influencers it’s HELLA narciiiii). I think that what you’re doing is super fun! You like to travel and show everyone just how fun traveling is? That’s awesome! But you’re not an influencer—you’re a travel blogger. You like to cook and eat good food? Awesome, me too. But you’re not an influencer; you’re a food and culture enthusiast. Do you see what I’m getting at? Who are you influencing to do what? So here I am, bashing all the influencers around me. But it’s because: I know what an influencer is! Do you? No, it’s not being popular and getting free clothes, though wouldn’t we all love that?

The definition of “influencer” according to the Cambridge dictionary is:

Someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave.

So, before calling yourself an influencer, ask yourself who are you influencing? And what are you going to do to give that person a new mindset on life? The reason why I’m so triggered by this whole influencer thing is that just a bit ago, during an interview or one of my nights on TV, I looked at the screen and was baffled by my title: “Lola Montilla—Influencer.”

At first, I was confused, and then I was kind of hurt at the same time. I’m not like frickin’ Marina Di-whatever she’s called, and I’m not Alexis Ren. In a world full of influencers, I want to be a motivator, an advocate for female equality, human rights, pet adoption, CHD’s and all that good stuff. I might do some traveling and eating in between, but I promise you one thing… I will not Instagram my food. I will not stand for that. The food, BAFFLED that I did not use a warm filter. I just can’t take that criticism right now.

So let’s go be “goals” in our own way, and cherish the fact that we’re not influencers. We’re writers, poets, readers, athletes, foodies, travel bloggers and MUA’s. Be you, and don’t be dragged by the ads that are trying to make you an influencer by force. Whatever you do, do not cave into the pressure of Marina and her “school of influentials” posts, but live an inspiring life instead.

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