Dorm Room Must-Haves from 9 Latina-Owned Brands

Heading back to school amid a pandemic isn't easy but colleges and universities are once again opening their doors to students and it's time to think about setting up dorm rooms to make them feel like home



Latina-owned brands offer trendy and cute pieces that’ll brighten up your space like Hija de tu Madre’s desk decor or inspirational posters from Viva la Bonita. It’s a time of year that’s full of transition and can be a stressful so we wanted to help find items that will make this go a little more smoothly because we know you have enough on your plate. Buying Latinx-owned brands allows you to embrace your culture and bring a little piece of home with you so read on to find 10 items you need to make your dorm room feel like home.

La Jefa Desk Plate from Hija De Tu Madre



You might be the first in your family to go to college and that can be intimidating enough so having a little reminder that you’re a jefa is an empowering touch. Well, this little desk plate from Hija De Tu Madre is perfect for just that. You can use this as a paper weight but also as a reminder that you are successful and hard work will pay off in the end, especially when it comes to those final exams.

“La Jefa” Desk Plate, $26, available at

La Rosa Loteria Pillow by Artelexia



You probably already have a cute bed set for your dorm, so you’ll also need a pillow that inspires you to have sweet dreams. This pillow is so beautiful and a nod to Lotería which is also a sweet reminder of our love for the game. Check out Artelexia for more pillows and get one for your roomie if you can.

“La Rosa” Loteria Pillow, $45, available at

Eye Wall Mirror by Luna Sundara



Having a decorative mirror instead of a basic mirror elevates your dorm decor without costing much. Having a mirror like this Peruvian Eye mirror adds a little Latinx flavor and since it’s reminiscent of el mal de ojo it’ll add a little protection to your abode.

Eye Peruvian Wall Mirror, $39.99, available at

Inspiring Art by Stephanie Vidal



You’ve seen inspiring and beautiful art all over Instagram but having it on your wall means it’s a constant in your life when you need a little visual inspo. Vivid Vidal creates tons of these pieces on Etsy so you can find the style that best suits you. We love this piece entitled “Bloomed”, artist Stephanie Vidal describes it as “This piece illustrates a woman coming into her authentic self.”

“Bloomed” Wall Art, $35, available at

Scented Candles by Lucky No. Candles



Their La Playa scented candle smells like a combination of citrus fruits and the beach – a fun scent to remind you of your happy place. The incredible aroma lasts for quite a while so it will keep your room smelling fresh all day long.  They offer a selection of lovely scents including Flora Blanca and Mountainside so you can have a little piece of nature inside.

No. 5 “La Playa” Scented Candle, $33, available at

Self Love Poster from Viva La Bonita



Self love is the best love so part of making your dorm room feel like a safe and happy place is having a little reminder of that. Viva La Bonita sells many more mini posters with different inspirational sayings so it’ll easily go with any dorm room themes you have going on.

“Al Extremo” Mini Poster, $7.99, available at

Beaded Plant Hanger from Mandana Blvd.



Adding a little plantita to your dorm room will give it a nice homey feel and also purify the air in your space so it’s a win-win. These hanging planters from Mandana Blvd  save you space on your desk and other surfaces . They’ve got this vintage look and hold small plants so you can add a succulent if you want something low maintenance but that’s still pretty.

70s Beaded Plant Hanger, $30, available at

Cositas To Do Notepad by Raggedy Tiff



Nothing screams “organized” more than owning a Cositas To Do notepad to help you keep track of your tasks. This notepad is large enough to take up half of your desk and has tons of space to write down all of your affirmations and important reminders. We also love the addition of the food and water reminders because we KNOW that life gets busy and it’s to get caught and not drink enough water or eat a meal.

Cositas To Do Notepad, $20.99, available at

Bad Bunny Blanket from MelissasECreations



Cozy up with your favorite trap star with this cozy and cool Bad Bunny blanket. It’s simple in a classic white background so it will match nicely with whatever bed set you already have This fleece blanket is super soft and measures 60 in x 50 in and the bonus is you can customize it with your name (or any word) and the name can be in any color.

Bad Bunny Custom Blanket, $30, available at

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