Upgrade Any Room with These Latinx Home Decor Designers

It's been about a year now since quarantine started and if you haven't done so already, you're probably ready to redesign your living space

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It’s been about a year now since quarantine started and if you haven’t done so already, you’re probably ready to redesign your living space. You may also feel like it’s time to change that bedspread, upgrade that table, or finally invest in a statement piece, and supporting Latinx designers would be an added bonus. Many of these shops like Facon and Melissa Avila work with artisans from countries like Argentina and Mexico, respectively, to showcase their work. Spring cleaning allows us to declutter and breathe new life into our home and with these designs you can also include a little bit of your culture in each room.

Read on to discover Latinx designers that’ll help spruce up your home.


Mandana Blvd.

Photo: Instagram/mandanablvd

Mandana Blvd was founded by Cristina Ramos and Nu Goteh. When they moved from New York to California, they decided to furnish their place with vintage items found at flea markets, estate sales, and Craigslist. Mandana Blvd has more of a vintage, bohemian, and mid-century feel and every piece has a story behind it. Many of their items are made of wicker and come in neutral colors, so they will match with almost anything in your space.



Photo: Instagram/@encrudo

Encrudo, founded by Ana Paula Isaac, sells unique pottery that will give your space that classic home vibe. Each piece is made by hand by local artisans in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. They keep with the Mexican tradition by using clay and unique Mexican techniques by local craftsmen and maintain a pretty neutral palette. Another bonus is that they custom design pieces so you can get them exactly to your liking.



Photo: Instagram/@faconargentina

Facon, founded by Martin Bustamante, sells original furniture made in Argentina. The purpose behind Facon was to create pieces with materials that came from Argentinian soil. If you are creating a space that’s modern or more contemporary, Facon has the pieces for you. The most interesting thing about Facon is that they literally travel to remote places in Argentina and have the locals create the pieces that they sell. Their mission is to bring to light the unknown talents of people from inaccessible places in Argentina.


Tropical Depression


Photo: Instagram/@tropicaldepression

Tropical Depression sells handcrafted wall hangings and accessories with a Caribbean twist. Roy Delgado was inspired by the architecture, art, and nature of the Caribbean Islands and each piece that he creates is based off of his experiences in the region. A majority of his items are wall hangings featuring unique shapes and textures. The colors are mostly neutral and make a great accent piece to any room.wp_*posts

Camila Rosa

Photo: Instagram/@camixvx

Camila Rosa is a Brazilian designer who sends a strong message through her creative pieces. Her decor displays social issues that are important to her such as women’s rights and racial injustice. Her designs are full of bold colors so if you’re into designs that make a statement (literally and style-wise) this is for you.


Cuchara Chick

Photo: Instagram/@cucharachick

The Cuchara Chick sells hand stamped spoons with a Chicana flair. Marlee Castillo makes decorative utensils to boost your mood with fun messages like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” or “Sana Sana Colita de Rana.” You can use these spoons as basic decor or bring them out on special occasions for guests to use. You’ll definitely put a smile on your guest’s faces when they read “Spread the Chisme” as they spread some jam on that toast with their cafecito.


Melissa Avila

Photo: Instagram/@_m.a_

Melissa Avila is an artist from Tijuana, Mexico whose pieces are handmade by local Mexican artisans and truly showcase the Mexican traditions and knowledge of the locals. One of Avila’s goals is to create job opportunities for the natives in small Mexican communities all while preserving their craftsmanship. The shop includes items like wall art and rugs that beautifully showcase Mexican culture.


Tapara Designs

Photo: Instagram/@reginaviso

Regina Viso turns ordinary everyday items into beautiful works of art. All her pieces are hand-painted and one of a kind, with bright beautiful colors that represent her Latin roots. Her home decor products include serving trays, book stands, and planters.


Art Elexia

Photo: Instagram/@artelexia

Elexia de la Parra is bringing the vibrant culture of Mexico to your home. All of her items are inspired by her travels throughout Mexico and often features bright, bold floral designs. Her tiendita had an assortment of Latin home decor such as kitchen dish towels, plates, glassware, pots, bowls, and much more.

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