Eli Jas is the Dominican Music Artist You Need to Listen to This Year

At some point in your life, you get tired of unhealthy connections, whether it be people or things

Photo: Instragram/therealelijas

Photo: Instragram/therealelijas

At some point in your life, you get tired of unhealthy connections, whether it be people or things. “As you grow, certain things become intolerable to your liking and that’s ok,” says rising Dominican singer-songwriter Eli Jas (pronounced “Ellie Jazz”) from NYC. This young up and coming artist is making some serious noise in the music industry, gravitating attention with her raw and authentic mixed genres of musical beats that include R&B infused with a little Latin Pop and topped off with some added bachata elements.

In a mostly male-dominated arena, Eli Jas is not only breaking down barriers and making a name for herself but making a big statement with her music and lyrics. Nominated for “Best New Artist” by Premios Juventud, her latest EP “Ahora” is the perfect example of the kind of music that not only touches your soul but gets you moving those hips with her authentic bachata style of music interwoven in with her Latin Pop beats.


“I really do feel like more women need to be overpowering this kind of genre, it’s very tricky at the end of the day where it’s like oh wait there’s a woman singing bachata? Yes, we’re still out here, we still exist,” shared this talented and soulful artist. “Growing up I always listened to bachata, merengue, pop, R&B, but the one that really stuck out to me was more R&B music, and that’s the fusion I really add to my music.”

Growing up in a Dominican household, it’s easy to see how the music she grew up with influenced her musical upbringing.

“Not only am I Dominican, but I still have that Chilean and Panamanian culture in me as well, thanks to my mom,” she says. The melting pot of cultures resonates in the music this young artist is garnering attention with hit singles such as “Deseándote” and “Tu Me Haces Volar” (produced by Chris Hierro), which was the most downloaded song on MTV Tr3s’ “Descubre y Download” platform, according to her website.

Not only does Jas captivate you with her mesmerizing lyrics in Spanish but she is multi-talented in showcasing her English chops as well through hits such as “Asi” and its video that tells the backstory of her song as its filmed throughout the streets of New York.

“Early on I just knew there was something more meant for me in music, and I felt like I needed to kinda express myself in that way and I feel like now I am able to do that authentically especially since I have become a little bit more in-depth into who I am and who I am as an artist so it’s been a beautiful journey for me and I’m excited to share it,” stated Eli who also shared her interest in pursuing her acting skills down the road.

“Since I’ve gone through a lot of personal experiences, I think this is something I can share with the world— other women. I think I can be the voice or a least one of the voices they can listen to and say “okay yeah, I get it. I get what she’s going through. I cry too girl,” laughed Jas as she talked about the inspiration behind the lyrics of her music that really hit deep and close to home.

“Ahora” is a good example of those feelings we’ve all been through as it was inspired by a real-life breakup and takes you through those emotions of heartbreak and learning to love yourself first. “Soy Yo” is another prime example of the heartfelt lyrics that resonate across the board and even caught the attention of Coors Light, who Eli was able to team up with on their “My Climb, My Music” campaign.

With musical influences such as Brian McKnight, Christina Aguilera, Lauren Hill, and Mary J. Blige, Jas shared she has always felt like an artist ahead of her time. A journey paved with personal experiences and heartache that has given her the strength to step up and not be afraid to show that side of her through her music, and the creativity through which it stems from.

“I’m not afraid to admit that I have felt so deeply for people and even though they didn’t love me in the same way it has nothing to do with me, but how they react to love and how they can accept love, and just because someone can’t accept my love doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with me, and that’s something I needed to learn,” Jas says. “I really feel that women can really connect with me on that. I wanted to touch base on feelings, and I think the deeper you get with music, the more people can get out of it. I wanted them to get a more emotional tie to the music, listen to the lyrics, and really feel the tone of the sad guitars too.”

Having grown up without a father, Jas admitted this paved the way for her to know what she deserved in a relationship.

“It was a darker journey than I expected but I think it was there for me to learn because self-love is the best love we will ever learn.” It’s this type of honesty that makes this rising star’s music not only raw and in a class of its own but so relatable as this is the key to her brand that makes her a powerhouse in the studio and brings that authenticity to her music.

This Latina trailblazer is not only making a name for herself through her music but she is set to branch out with a new apparel line called “Flourish By Eli Jas” with a launch date set for early 2019.

“I consider myself a very spiritual person,” shared Jas. Inspired by her love of crystals, she started out by making bracelets which have now turned into her own personal brand set to take off. Her line of jewelry, cat-eye glasses, and brand, in general, will emphasize the same message that rings throughout her music of celebrating “Woman Power,” shared Eli. “I want people to feel empowered when they wear my stuff. I want them to feel confident and beautiful and like they can take over the whole world.”

With a pretty impressive resume of songs that can be streamed on Spotify, and watched on her YouTube channel, this talented songstress who started out writing poetry that transitioned into songwriting, is someone to definitely keep your eyes on as she has been touted as a “noteworthy act making her way towards Billboard chart success,” as shared on her website. With special projects, collaborations, and more videos on the horizon you’ll want to be sure to keep up with this fierce Latina throughout 2019 as she shows the world who Eli Jas is and that it’s only the beginning of the greatness that is set to flourish!

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