10 Empowering Gifts for 2023 from Latina-Owned Brands

Some of the best gifts are the ones that leave the recipient feeling empowered

Empowering gifts


Some of the best gifts are the ones that leave the recipient feeling empowered. The end of the holiday season means the beginning of the new year, a time of goal-setting and planning for success. We wanted to highlight some of the Latina-owned brands offering products that’ll make your loved ones (or yourself!) feel like the poderosa that they are and ready to take on 2023. From a simple yet stylish touch like the “You Got This” bracelet from The Little Words Project to the Goddess eyeshade palette from Luna Magic, these items are reminders that anything is possible. Read on to discover 10 gift ideas for an empowering 2023.


“You Got This” Bracelet from The Little Words Project

Little Words Project

Photo: Target.com

We love the mission behind the Little Words Project jewelry line that aims to inspire with “little words” on bracelets. Each bracelet can be registered and then one you feel ready, you can gift it to someone else you could use a little inspo. We love the “You Got This” bracelet but there are plenty of options for the perfect empowering message. The brand was founded by Adriana Carrig, who is of Mexican descent, and it’s now available at Target with a variety of inspiring messages (they come in small/medium and medium/large).

You Got This bracelet, $25, available at target.com


Uma Calming Crystal Necklace from Vibemade

Calming Crystal necklace

Photo: Vibemade.com

Part of feeling inspired for the new year means taking time for self-care and checking in on your mental health. While it’s important to seek therapy when needed and do activities that make you feel better, we love the jewelry from Vibemade that includes crystals that can help you with certain feelings of stress or anxiety. The Uma calming crystal necklace includes a crystal grid of citrine, fluorite, peridot & amethyst crystals made for calming vibes.  You can also personalize the it with a hand-stamped initial charm for a sweet touch that makes it an extra special gift.

Uma Calming Crystal Necklace, $110, available at vibemade.com


Fuerza Mug from Lazy Beam Arte

fuerza mug

Photo: lazybeamarte.com

Artist Manuela Guillén of Lazy Beam Arte created this artwork featuring a red heart emblazoned with the word “fuerza”. We love it on a mug and think it’s the perfect way to start the day with some cafecito. The ceramic mug is microwave safe and it’s made to order making it an extra special work of art straight from the hands of the artist.

Fuerze Mug $17, available at lazybeamarte.com


Luxe Massage Oil from Bloomi

Part of feeling empowered is making sure you’re feeling physically well so when stress begins to manifest in your body this massage oil from Bloomi will help. Bloomi is a sexual wellness brands and all its products are made with clean ingredients. This oil includes organic, full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and is free from synthetics. You can use it on yourself or have a partner give you a massage so you can relax and take a breath before returning to the hustle. You can find some of the brand’s product at Target as well so you can pair this with their waterproof intimate and body massager for full body relaxation.

Luxe Massage Oil $45, available at thebloomi.com


Goddess Eyeshadow Palette from Luna Magic

Luna Magic goddess eyeshadow palette

Photo: Target.com

Luna Magic is owned by Dominican sisters Mabel and Shaira Frías and we’ve been long-time fans of the brand. Their Goddess eyeshadow palette features nine shimmery and bold shades with their pigmented formula that’s perfect for all skin tones. We grew up seeing our moms getting ready and maybe even played around with their makeup and now as adults we appreciate having go-to products that help us feel our best. This palette includes colors perfect for night and day wear and we love the empowering names behind each color including “golden”, “fearless”, and “ambitious”.

Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, $14.99, available at target.com

wp_*postsSagrado Esencia Lippie from Prados Beauty

Prados Beauty lippie

Photo: Pradosbeauty.com

Indigenous-owned Prados Beauty released their Sagrado Collection in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day  and that included this lippie that’s instantly a classic. The Esencia liquid lipstick is a rich burgundy color with a matte finish that lasts all day. It’ll have the wearer feeling like the jefa that she is and it’ll become a staple in their makeup routine and it works on every skin tone.

Sagrado Esencia Lippie, $21, available at pradosbeauty.com


The Manifest Bundle from Julissa Calderon 

Manifest journal bundle


Dominican American actress Julissa Calderón created the manifest journal that includes prompts for gratitude, growth, and, of course, manifesting. This bundle includes a pen and an  8oz, double wick, soy wax, cologne musk scent, biodegradable candle. Part of the joy of planning for the new year is thinking about all the amazing moments to come and this manifesting journal can help with that.

The Manifest Bundle, $59.99, available at dreamandmanifestjournal.com


That Glow All Out Holiday Set from JLO Beauty

Jlo beauty holiday set

Photo: jlobeauty.com

We all know about that famous JLO glow plus the fact that skincare is crucial to helping us feel good about overall look. This holiday set includes a cleanser, serum, hydrating cream, moisturizer, and eye cream for a full set for all skincare needs. This holiday set includes a holographic bag perfect for gifting and making it a little fancier.

That Glow All Out Holiday Set, $69.95, available at jlobeauty.com


Valdé Armor & Refillable Lip Set

Valde Reflect Set

Photo: valdebeauty.com

Clearly there’s a trend when it comes to a bold lip but what makes this one standout is the mission behind the brand. Beauty industry veteran Margarita Arriagada founded Valdé in honor of her mother’s courage and determination.  “The freedom to discover who and what you want to be is the ultimate gift a woman can give herself. It is the legacy my mom left me, and the one I wish to leave my daughter,” she states on her website. The set comes with their signature armor made from zinc alloy and coated in liquid gold. This Heart Red armor from the Reflect collection is a beautiful bold red and we all know red lipstick is THE boldest of them all so we suggest the shades Ebullience or Faith to match the armor.

Valdé Armor & Refillable Lip Set, $150, available at valdebeauty.com


Poderosa Art Print from Con Ganas Collective

Poderosa Print

Photo: Etsy

Inspiring and empowering wall art is crucial to any bedroom and/or office to stand as a reminder that she is capable of anything. This beautiful print is emblazoned with “Poderosa” and florals and we love the red and pink combo. Gift it with a frame so it’s ready to hang up and keep the good vibes going through all of 2023 — it’s available in 5 x 7 (perfect for the desk or nightstand) and 8 x 11 perfect for wall art.

Poderosa print, $8.17-$11.92, available at etsy.com/conganascollective

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