Empowering Niños Confidence Through Lunch Time Notes!

Sponsored By As a mom of young kids, my goal is to raise them to be healthy and confident kids

Empowering Kids Lunch notes

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As a mom of young kids, my goal is to raise them to be healthy and confident kids. There are so many things that we can do as moms to make sure our kids are happy and enjoying every single part of their day (yes, that includes school!) With my two daughters going back to school and my son going to Kindergarten for the first time, I’ve come up with a really easy way to give them that extra confidence boost throughout the day.

My favorite thing at the moment to do is to pack personalized notes in their lunch boxes. It’s a small little gesture to remind them that I love them and how amazing I know they are. It’s something that my mom did when I was little and something I’m now doing with my kids. Wow we really do become our parents, huh? 🙂 

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I’ve partnered with Yoplait Go-Gurt to create these adorable, colorful notes that you can print at home and pack in your kids lunchboxes. My kids really love them and I’m sure yours will too. Don’t forget to pack them a special treat along with thoughtful notes. Yoplait Go-Gurt comes in so many flavors, options and themes, it will be such a sweet school day treat. My kids love how the Go-Gurt goes into their lunchbox frozen and by lunch time it’s thawed. They think it’s so fun, like magic! Honestly moms…it kind of is. 😉 Just keep a box in the freezer, put it frozen in their lunchboxes before they take off to school and by the time they open it during lunch time *Tah-Dah* It’ll be ready to enjoy!

Make your own notes or you can download the one’s I helped create! Need ideas for what to write? Here are a few ideas in case you need them!

  1. Make them laugh with a joke.
  2. Remind them of a happy memory.
  3. Write an inspiring, motivating or funny story with your notes, add a little bit to it everyday and change it each week. (my kids love these short stories!) 
  4. Write words of encouragement
  5. Tell them why you love them
  6. Remind them something they are great at or love.
  7. Write a motivational quote
  8. Write them a love poem

And don’t forget to pair them with a Go-gurt! It’s a great surprise at lunchtime!

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Disclaimer: Kids under 5 years may have difficulty swallowing frozen Go-GURT Yogurt. Please be sure to thaw before serving.

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