20 of the Most Epic Latinx Music Album Covers

Photo: Yma Sumac – Topic/YouTube

Latin American music is artistic, colorful, and bold, in and of itself. It paints a picture in our minds and makes our lives that much brighter and vivid. Such impactful music should have equally impressive album covers, no?

It only makes sense to portray the richness of the auditory experience you will have listening to the album with corresponding artwork. Some records we reach for solely on what the covers look like — it’s an added bonus if they sound just as good as the artwork. Well, we found some vinyl covers, which are as beautiful to look at, as they are to listen to.

For this article, we have compiled a 20-record roundup featuring great, artsy album art. All albums are by Latinx musicians and span several decades. You will see, in the artwork and fashion of the artists photographed, influences from the time period of the vinyl’s release. You will also see how these vintage covers have inspired other artists since. Time to get inspired, and learn about some Latinx music at the same time!

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