7 Fabulous Photos of Frida Kahlo in San Francisco

Frida relaxing in San Fran https://www

Photo: Unsplash/@gabiontheroad

Photo: Unsplash/@gabiontheroad

Frida relaxing in San Fran


This relaxed shot of Frida in San Francisco shows the artist in her recognizable indigenous Mexican garb.


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera called San Francisco home twice, first in 1930, and then in 1940. During this time, the pair painted, acquainted themselves with the city, and even remarried. In celebration of Frida’s birthday on Friday, July 6, here’s a look at few photos that captured bits and pieces of the time the couple shared in the Bay Area.

Frida Painting


Kahlo and Rivera first arrived in San Francisco on November 10, 1930. They stayed at a studio in the city’s art neighborhood, at 716 Montgomery Street. This photo is of Frida painting San Francisco socialite Jean Wright, in January of 1931.


Diego and Frida Make a Splash

Photo: March 1941 San Francisco Life, via SF Museum

Although Frida would often laugh at San Franciscans, and criticized anything she felt was pretentious, her and Diego no doubt made a splash on the SF scene. This newspaper photo shows the couple about to dine at Cathay House restaurant.


Diego Takes Notes on the City

This 1930 photo shows Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo during their first stay in San Francisco. Rivera is taking notes of his first impressions of The City by the Bay.


Frida and Diego Get Remarried


During the pair’s second stay in San Francisco, on December 8, 1940 (Diego’s 54th birthday), Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were remarried. They retied the knot at SF City Hall.