Father of the Bride Andy Garcia
Photo by Claudette Barius: ANDY GARCIA as Billy and ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie in Warner Bros. Pictures' and HBO Max’s "FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”
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‘Father of the Bride’ Trailer Debuts with Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan

Many of us grew up watching (and loving) the 1991 Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton and so the upcoming Latinx remake is the movie we didn’t know we needed but one we are thrilled about. The film retains the premise — a father coming to terms with his daughter getting married — but now a Cuban American family is at the center and the family is less picture-perfect and traditional than previous iterations including a 1950 release. Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan star in the HBO Max film, out June 16, as Miami architect Billy and his wife, Ingrid and the new trailer provides a peek into the updates and additions to the story.

While Annie Banks (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) and her family were overall mostly traditional in the ’91 version, it looks like this update is bucking some traditions. We find out that Sophie (Adria Arjona) is the one who proposed to Adan (Diego Boneta) and they want to pay for the wedding even though they’re lawyers fresh out of college working for a non-profit. But Billy is not having it and wants to take on the responsibility — though the budget and wedding planning is still shocking to him, obviously. The film is directed by Gaz Alazraki with a screenplay from Matt Lopez and it also stars Saturday Night Live alum Chloe Fineman as the wedding planner, famously played by Martin Short as the lovable and eccentric, Franck in the 1991 version. However,  a major change is that Billy and Ingrid are on the brink of a divorce and they’re keeping up appearances for the sake of Sophie and her little sister, played by Dora’s Isabela Merced.

“His marriage to his wife is on the rocks,” García, 66, told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s sliding downhill and is on a slippery slope, not because they don’t love each other. We’ve kind of grown into different spaces, and we take our marriage for granted at this point.” Estefan, 64, added “She’s pushing a button — that D-word with divorce. She’s trying to push him to wake up because a year of therapy certainly hadn’t woken him up. But that decision is a tough one for a Latina to make.”

Father of the Bride
Photo by Claudette Barius (L-R) ANDY GARCIA as Billy, GLORIA ESTEFAN as Ingrid, ADRIA ARJONA as Sophie and DIEGO BONETA as Adan in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and HBO Max’s “FATHER OF THE BRIDE.”

Another big change is that instead of white, non-Latinx and rich families like the previous versions, this time around it’s two Latin families in Miami. Adan’s side,  an exceedingly rich Mexican American family, brings in their culture so expect to see representation of both Mexican and Cuban traditions. “There are a lot of similarities in the food and the love of music, the love of family, those things we share as Latin culture,” Estefan told PEOPLE.

Father of the Bride premieres on HBO Max June 16.