Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Cosmopolitan UK

Father Blames Selena Gomez and “13 Reasons Why” For Daughter’s Suicide

A father who lost his daughter to suicide wants to sue Selena Gomez because he claims her show “13 Reasons Why” drove her to kill herself. Six months ago Bella Herndon tragically hung herself from her closet and sadly passed away ten days later. Her father, John Herndon of Livermore, California, learned that his 15-year-old daughter had binge-watched “13 Reasons Why” shortly before her death. And while her death happened months ago, John, naturally, is very upset over the constant reminder of her death due to Selena’s very public life.

I’m still completely disgusted,” John told RadarOnline.com in an interview. “Selena makes me sick. She is an extremely disturbed individual to think that this show has any kind of redeeming social value at all.”

John adds that his daughter suffered with depression, but the show didn’t help her and served as a trigger that ultimately led to her suicide.

“Remember that there are teens out there that are in a little darker place and these could be your friends, your sisters,” John said to RadarOnline.com. “Selena Gomez and Netflix need to understand that not everybody’s going to understand this very well. Some people who are battling with depression, this could catch them at the wrong time, creating what is called the trigger event.”

John says that he has reached out to Selena about ending her show and has never heard back. He also says that if he had the means to, he’d bring a liability and wrongful death suit against Selena and everyone else involved with the show if he could.

Suing a billion-dollar company like Netflix is not within my means right now unless there are other like-minded individuals that want to engage collectively together to bring a suit against them,” John said, according to RadarOnline.com.

The show, however, is clearly a hit and isn’t ending any time soon. Season 2 just wrapped last week, and the show’s star Katherine Langford who plays Hannah has been nominated for a Golden Globe award. Also, according to Google Trends, “13 Reasons Why” was one of the most searched phrases online.