11 Films Depicting Latinxs as Criminals That are Problematic AF

Photo: @wali_bx718/Instagram

It’s no secret that Latinos have been portrayed negatively in Hollywood since its inception. Characters have often been criminals, starting with the banditos of early film, which became the drug lords and criminals of today. We are all for Latinos on screen, but why are we always portrayed in a negative way?

Some of these films we love, referring to them as classics (heck, I even wrote a story on how some of these movies celebrated their 25th anniversary). Although we live for seeing our faces represented, we also have to take a second to look at the content of these productions. While every culture has good and bad, positive and negative narratives, we can’t continue to allow our worst to constantly be highlighted, while our best struggles to get seen. Whether it’s acting or not, it becomes part of how we are seen at large. How many stereotypes from these films do you see present in the anti-immigrant rhetoric of today?




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