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Netflix Announces ‘On My Block’ Spinoff ‘Freeridge’ Cast

October has been a great month for On My Block fans! Just four days after the show premiered its fourth and last season on Netflix, the streaming service announced the main cast for the show’s upcoming spinoff, Freeridge, created by OMB story editor Jamie Uyeshiro. Though character names haven’t yet been revealed, up-and-coming actors Bryana Salaz (The Voice, Team Kaylie), Keyla Monterroso Meija (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Growing Fangs), Ciara Riley Wilson (L.A.’s Finest, Kim Possible), and Shiv Paj (Iron Fist, Uncut Gems, Iron Fist.) are confirmed to appear as the show’s protagonists.

This series will follow a new quartet of friends in the fictitious L.A. neighborhood after they discover they may have unleashed a deadly curse upon the city. The characters first appeared for a brief scene in the finale of OMB as they watched the iconic core four Monse, César, Ruby, and Jamal celebrating their high school graduation from behind a wall, paralleling the friends in the show’s pilot episode. Immediately, fans noticed that the group was a gender-swapped version of the OGs, with three girls and one boy in contrast to the original four with one girl and three boys. Now it seems that they will have their own adventure.

Salaz took to Instagram to share the announcement, captioning her post: “still processing this. is this real life??? beyond grateful & excited for this huge opportunity & new journey. LETS FREAKIN GO BOYSSSS 🤍🤍”

Monterroso Meija, the other Latinx actor of the new core four, also shared: “Crazy long emotional post to come but for now so happy and so so grateful I can share this!”

Uyeshiro and OMB co-creators Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft will serve as showrunners. Lauren Iungerich, also co-creator of OMB, will serve as executive producer.

“Co-creating and running ‘On My Block’ was and will always be a highlight of my life. I am so proud to pass the baton to my incredible partners Eddie and Jeremy and the incomparable Jamie Uyeshiro who rocked it in the writers room from day one,” Inungerich said, according to Variety. “There are more stories to tell of our beloved Freeridge and I cannot wait to continue to work with this talented team.”

Netflix hasn’t yet announced a date for when the first season of Freeridge will debut on our screens but believe us, compas—we’ll be watching.

Season 4 of On My Block is now streaming on Netflix.