This Frida Kahlo Beauty Kit Will Inspire You to Create A Masterpiece

Frida Kahlo’s beauty is remarkable

Photo: Instagram/polishandpout

Photo: Instagram/polishandpout

Frida Kahlo’s beauty is remarkable. Her kind of beauty was a natural one and trying to replicate that is virtually impossible, regardless of how hard we try. The Anisa International company is garnering Frida’s essence and developing it into a beauty line, of sorts.

According to the Anisa website, Anisa Telwar Kaicker founded Anisa International in 1992 as a marketing and distribution partner for cosmetic brushes during a time when interest in makeup artistry tools was first flourishing. Anisa says that in 2002 she saw Salma Hayek in the film Frida and was inspired. She said she didn’t know much about the artist but quickly realized that Frida could be part of her makeup line.

“Frida was an artist,” Anisa says on Instagram. “Frida was the original selfie queen. When you look at the products we create, it’s all about artistry, and Frida embodies artistry in her everyday through her artwork, through fashion, how she communicated with society. Frida was an independent woman. She knew what she stood for. Frida loved to express herself and didn’t apologize for who she was.”

There’s so much to love from this product but one of the biggest reasons I’m getting this is because this isn’t a makeup line devoted to recreating the Frida look, but rather a brush set that should inspire us to create our own masterpiece. The kit comes with a highlighter, a kabuki brush, and four-piece brush set. A true artist deserves the very best working materials so I think this kit is fantastic!

The packaging itself is also beautiful and features Frida’s face, roses, birds, and watermelon slices. And the whole thing comes with the colors of the Mexican flag. The brushes also feature Frida’s signature and a skull. But of course! This kit makes a perfect for a perfect Christmas present for the Frida lover in your life (even if that person is you!).

The kit is available on Amazon.

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