Chicano Artist Creates Extraordinary Portrait of Frida Kahlo Using Only Mexican Gum

We are so amazed at the countless ways people can portray Frida Kahlo. Whether you’re posting an Instagram picture of this Mexican queen or impersonating her at a Frida festival, the options are truly endless. Just look at the Ruben Dario Villa, a Chicano artist and designer, who has created a stunning image of Frida but not with paint but with Mexican gum known as Chiclets.

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So how could an artist use those tiny pieces a gum to make a portrait? Villa seems to have first designed his image and then worked on it by hand. Check it out.

As you can see the image of Frida was visually depicted on his screen and he had to match each Chiclet to his vision.

Villa said it took him almost 6,000 Chiclets to make this extraordinary portrait. Check out the finished product below!

Like I said, the blood 💉n sweat 💦were accounted for and the tears were bound to show up! 😭They did. 🤢In the bathroom while violently heaving #hotcheetos from last night. (I know, wtf!) Seconds later I was on camera being interviewed about my work. (Thanks for @francolafresh for that) Such an amazing experience to have people trip out on your work and genuinely care about the method, time and inspiration behind #Frida4587 #ChiclePop I'm home now and I feel like I got hit by a train while running a marathon and am going to bed. #graciasadios for my #passion and #creativity and for the road ahead. Humbled to be on a wall with some badass artists. Let's see where this leads. But seriously, for now it leads right to bed. #mimis #buenasnoches #chiclets #chicano #chicana #latino #latina #frida #fridakahlo #chingona #arte #cultura #gum #art

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The portrait is part of a group show in San Francisco’s Mission District and can be seen at the restaurant Puerto Alegre. The show is titled “El Color y El Dolor: A Frida Inspired Art Show,” and it opened less than a month ago but will be on view for another month.

Nice work, Ruben! Can’t wait to see your next creation.

[H/T] Vivala: “This breathtaking portrait of Frida Kahlo was made out of 4,587 pieces of chiclets gum”

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