How to Prep for the Blue AND Pink Moon This Month

First, let’s start by letting you down very carefully in stating that you will not literally see a “pink moon

Photo: Unsplash/@andyjh07

Photo: Unsplash/@andyjh07

First, let’s start by letting you down very carefully in stating that you will not literally see a “pink moon.” I know, we’re sad too. Who doesn’t want to see a pink full moon?! Interesting fact though, its named after the wildflowers that grow in the United States and Canada in the spring.

It’s also a blue moon, but don’t let that name fool you either. A “blue moon” means there were two full moons in one month, like in January, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the moon’s color. Two blue moons in the span of three months is rare, as we’ve discussed, because the next time that will happen again in one year isn’t until 2037. So now let’s figure out how to ease into the new season with our first full moon of the spring, the Pink/Blue Moon on March 31st.

In short, these two full moons plus Mercury in retrograde (from March 22-April 15) are a perfect concoction for “I’ve been feeling some type of way” syndrome. But, this just means you have to be extra self-aware and super patient. With all full moons, you might be tempted to be slightly impulsive like jump into a commitment without thinking it through. But, there are ways to deal.

The main theme of this upcoming full moon (in Libra!) is to make us focus on our partnerships and friendships. People will be seeking balance with those closest to them,” says tarot reader, womb healing, and plant bruja Mia Fortuna“If relationships or friendships aren’t stable, people will be forced to face it right now.”

In other words, with this energy there’s going to be a need to be (even more!) honest with ourselves. We can’t avoid the truth much longer. But Fortuna stresses that this is the perfect time to journal, a tangible and accessible tool that can be found right at your fingertips.

While March 31st would be the ideal time to journal, you have a few days after the fact to indulge in all the full moon energy. Fortuna says when we’re frazzled we forget to listen to our inner voices, so we must make the time to really pay attention. That’s why meditation or prayer, going for a walk and journaling can help us. This isn’t the time to ignore it.

“Ask yourself: Am I allowing my inner voice to guide me?”

If you’re already an avid writer and want to dig deeper, write down what you are ready to let go of, like fears, insecurities, anger, doubt, etc. Fortuna says, you can even say aloud: “Lunita help me release my fear of success and creativity so I can make space for what’s on its way and so forth.”

As always, full moons are a reminder to clean your sacred space, declutter and charge your crystals. Fortuna is also a womb healer. She has a few tips for women who might be menstruating during the new moon because their magic and creativity are much stronger.

“Women carry creativity, strength, anger and fears in their inner cauldron. Wear red and charge a red crystal because it represents the womb, so it also releases what no longer serves you. So, observe your cycle, write your little heart out and hopefully these rituals will have you feeling a bit more grounded until mid-April.”

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