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This Full Moon Limpieza Will Smudge Out Negative Vibes

Just try to tell health coach and yoga therapist Josie Castaneda that there isn’t enough science to back up the full moon’s connection to people’s mental health, especially for women, and she will likely refer you to her parents—who are rooted in the healing arts of curan-dería, shape shifting and clairvoyance—who will say otherwise.

“Every full moon they would say ‘we must be careful today, people are ‘lunáticos’’ which means, to be possessed by the moon,” Castaneda says. “But today I have a very personal relationship with the moon, I use its many phases to cycle projects and events during the year.” 


For example, she cuts her hair during new moons and does cleansing rituals during full moons, as we’ve suggested in the previous full moon breakdowns, due to its powerful energy.

This month’s full moon, a.k.a. Buck Moon, may have you reflecting on your life extra hard because it is smack right in the middle of the year, which Castaneda says actually works in our favor because it’s a great marker to assess upcoming projects and events. So don’t let it bring you down, there is still time!

“At this time the sun, moon, and earth are in alignment so the energies are strong and we feel them at a deep cellular level! Hence the folklore word lunatic,” she adds.

One of her favorite rituals is the full moon limpias and she’s sharing her personal one just for you but first you have to sage and “smoke out any negative energies.

“Then you add sea salt, rose petals, rosemary or rue, with lemongrass essential oil to water and use it after your shower/bath as an after wash and run it into your skin. You can also use the same magic infusing to wash your home and Copal or any sweet incense to ‘smoke in’ good energies,” she says.

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Ask yourself if you are walking away from a project because it just isn’t right for you or if it’s because you think there isn’t enough to get it done being a whole six months shy of 2019. Take real inventory of what’s next in your life because the next new moon can help bring those plans into action.

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