Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Latinx-Owned Brands

Have you ever had a girlfriend who you could call any time of the day to vent to and not feel judged? I have, and whether I’m venting about my relationship or an issue at work, knowing that she’s there to listen is very therapeutic

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Have you ever had a girlfriend who you could call any time of the day to vent to and not feel judged? I have, and whether I’m venting about my relationship or an issue at work, knowing that she’s there to listen is very therapeutic. Our friendships literally benefit our health: “Women more reliably turn to their social contacts in times of stress, responses that are . . . protective of health and longevity. The fact that men may be somewhat more likely to cope with stress via fight or flight and women to cope with stress via tend and befriend may help to explain the worldwide gender gap in mortality,” according to UCLA research by Shelley E. Taylor. 

And what better time to honor your friends than to surprise them with a gift on Galentine’s Day? Many women reserve February 13 (aka Galentine’s Day) to celebrate their closest friends and recognize the amigas they value most. So whether you set up a Zoom call or book a spa day together, make sure to tell your friends how important they are in your life. And if you want to go above and beyond to treat them to something special, we’ve compiled a list of eight gift ideas your friends will love from Latinx-owned shops.

HappilyEverGold Nail Decals

Nail art is all the rage on social media – from extra-long rhinestoned encrusted acrylics to abstract art on a natural gel manicure. But if you want to take your best friend’s nail game to the next level, then check out these nail decals that are all about storytelling and amplifying women’s self-worth.

HappilyEverGold’s founder Amanda tells HipLatina she created the brand in 2018, shortly after her mother’s passing. “At the time, I was just trying to survive from the loss of my mom, but I had no idea so many people would relate to the art of it.”. “HappilyEverGold grew to be more than just “for nails,” it blossomed into this little light for others – while showing appreciation for the nail culture.” Whether your best friend is into hidden numerical signs or obsessed with Sza’s wordplay, she’ll love this unique gift.

Nail Decals, $9-$14.99 at


Viva La Bonita Mini Love Letter Poster

If your best friend is headed back to the office soon or is a boss working from her home office, send her this mini-poster to hang on her wall to remind her that self-care isn’t selfish. These mini-posters are reminders to put ourselves first while moving forward. Unfortunately, we’re so busy prioritizing others that we often forget self-love and this is the perfect daily reminder.

Mini love poster, $10.00, at


Bella Doña Varsity Sweater

Every woman has that one homegirl who holds it all together for everyone. She’s level-headed and honest and fiercely loyal. Show her that you appreciate the role she plays in your life with this cozy Homegirl Varsity sweater. Best friends LaLa Romero and Natalia Durazo co-founded Bella Doña in honor of sisterhood. On their website, they write, “We are unapologetic about the things we love and using our voices to express our point of view – no matter what. We are here to continue a legacy of pride and show the world how we get down.”

Homegirl Varsity, $65.00, at


Sanara Candle Light Natural Bath Ritual

Gift your friend some peace of mind with this cruelty-free bath collection featuring Indigenous Latin American botanicals. Sanara’s Candle Light Natural Bath Ritual gift set includes a Tranquila scented candle, Yerba Maté bath soak, and Chilean Rosehip Seed body oil.

The Spanish word sanará means “you will heal.” And so, Sanara’s founder, Rebekah Jasso Jensen, created Sanara in 2019 to empower women, especially those in an underrepresented community, “to engage in wellness through self-care and skin health.”

Candle Light Natural Bath Ritual gift set, $122.00, at


Millennial Lotería

I can picture it now — sitting at a long table wrapped in those plastic table covers you buy from a dollar store, surrounded by family, dumping a bag of beans onto the table, passing out Lotería cards, and putting down some change for the winner. Life was good. So why not bring that moment of nostalgia back for a friend, but with a twist. Mike Alfaro created Millennial Lotería because he realized how outdated the original game was. And with cards like La Feminist, El Hipster, and La Selfie – new generations can carry on traditions with their friends like they did when they were kids. But we have to keep the beans, that’s just non-negotiable.

Millennial Lotería, $19.99, at


 Simply Latina Self-Care Kit

Simply Latina is a family-owned business created by three sisters who make eco-friendly products with a Latin twist. Galentine’s day is all about your girls, but sometimes your squad also includes your mom, tías, nanas, and comadres. And just like your girls, these women also need to practice self-care — whenever they get a moment, that is. So, Simply Latina created the Cuidate Bien – Self Care Box to make gift-giving even more effortless. The gift set includes a black tumbler with a straw for hot and cold beverages, a lavender hemp soap and bath bomb, a scented soy candle of your choice, and loose tea with two organic honey sticks.

Cuidate Bien – Self Care Box, $47.99, at


Seis Cosmetics Vegan Luxe Gloss

This Advance Luxe Gloss is for the friend who is all about clean Latinx beauty and loves a bold color. Seis Cosmetics is an organic, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetic brand clear of parabens and gluten. Founder Suhay Gonzalez created the brand after losing her mother to brain cancer in 2018. Seis Cosmetics donates a portion of all sales to brain tumor awareness and Glioblastoma tumor research in honor of her mother.

Advance Luxe Gloss, $18.00,  at


House of Intuition Love Candle

And last but certainly not least is the gift for the spiritual (Bruja, perhaps?) friend in your life. House of Intuition created the Unconditional Love Magic Candle to help people release fear, resentment, and envy while focusing their energy on welcoming oneness. Set your intention before every lighting of the sustainable palm wax candle. In the end, you’ll find a crystal supercharged with your intention at the bottom of the candle. According to the House Of Intuition website, “Stones vary in each candle and are put in the candle intuitively, what you get is what the universe wants you to have.” You’re encouraged to keep the crystal as a reminder of your spell.

Unconditional Love Magic Candle, $18.00, at 

However, you choose to celebrate Galentine’s Day, the most important thing to remember is to express gratitude for these friendships. From my own experience, my closest girlfriends have saved me from mental breakdowns, break-ups, family issues, and more. So, thank you to those women for always uplifting me when I needed it most.

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