Gina Rodriguez Makes Cute Video With Her Boyfriend—Is It Too Much?

A couple of days ago, actress Gina Rodriguez posted a super adorable video of her and her boyfriend making out, and being silly on a pier. The video is beyond romantic and shows how deeply these two really love each other. This kind of love, the powerful kind of love, makes you want to shout it from the rooftops, which Rodriguez has been doing for some time. However, is it healthy for a relationship to be on display on social media?

Rodriguez has been dating actor Joe LoCicero for a few months now and we’ve been on that journey right along with her from the beginning.

From Valentine’s Day, and, most recently, was clearly over the moon on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


“I have a boyfriend who’s awesome. He’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met,” the Jane the Virgin actress, 32, said. “Joe LoCicero. He’s very Italian!”


While we’re guilty of putting our love out there, we can’t imagine that being so showy and vulnerable is completely healthy, so we investigated further.

In 2015, Psychology Today published an article titled “How Much Is Too Much to Share on Social Media?” It listed a couple of don’ts such as “Don’t tell everyone what you ate for breakfast… if you communicate with them a lot,” “Don’t Whine,” and “Don’t be completely self-centered.” Then there’s “Show, but don’t show off, your romantic relationship.”

“A recent study found that when coupled people chose a solo a photo as their main Facebook profile picture, they were actually liked less than those who used a couple photo.  But there are limits to how much you should display your relationship on social media. In that same study, the researchers found that those who took their online coupledom too far with over the top lovey-dovey posts were liked less than those who didn’t talk about their relationships or who kept their affectionate posts minimal. So go ahead and show you’re a loving person by showing your relationship, but avoid anything that could be seen as too personal or a deliberate attempt to show off.”

So we think it’s safe to say that Rodriguez is showing off the love she has for her boo in a good healthy way. What do you think?