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Netflix Announces Gina Rodriguez Will Play Carmen Sandiego In Feature Film

Where in the world is Gina Rodriguez? On Netflix! If you didn’t get that tag line, I have a lot of explaining to do. So here it goes: Netflix has announced that it has bought the rights to Carmen Sandiego — one of the most recognizable female fictional characters. The other amazing news is that Gina is set to play the title role of Carmen for Netflix’s live-action feature film, Deadline reports.

The majority of Carmen Sandiego fans have come to love the determined detective as a kid because she was notably seen in the self-titled cartoon. Netflix will continue that tradition by producing a new animated series of Carmen Sandiego while also doing the live-action movie and we’re so excited for it.

Carmen Sandiego has become a beloved character for many Latina young women as the slick detective is Latina herself. It’s so rare to see a strong female Latina represented in television that as a kid I flocked to see Carmen get the bad guys. We’re even more thrilled that the role of Carmen for the live-action film will be portrayed by a Latina as well.

Gina is pretty thrilled herself. The “Jane the Virgin” star has stayed a little quiet about the announcement, but has been retweeted the news on her Twitter. On her Instagram story, the actress posted the announcement with a couple of cool emojis.

gina carmen sandiego

Here’s how people are reacting to the incredible news.

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