Gina Rodriguez Opens Up About Wedding Planning and Why She May Elope

Planning a wedding isn’t fun

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Planning a wedding isn’t fun. In fact, in can be down right stressful. Regardless if you’re bridezilla or a chill bride, there’s always so many unforeseen pressures that sometimes it’s better to call the whole thing off — and by that we mean going to the court house and having a nice small dinner.

Gina Rodriguez is sort of in denial right now. As you may know, Rodriguez and her longtime beau, Joe Locicero, got engaged this summer but now comes the hard part: planning the actual wedding. Rodriguez opened up about this process — or currently lack there of — and why she might not do the whole big wedding.

The actress, who’s promoting her new animated film “Smallfoot” told E! News last night on the red carpet that she’s not really into planning at all.

“I have a great mother-in-law that I’m hoping will do the whole thing for me,” Rodriguez said. While that doesn’t sound ideal, has anyone told her future mother-in-law about this plan?

She also talked to the crew on “The Talk” this week and said she rather just elope. (You will regret that if you do, just saying!)

“As of this Sunday, I feel like we’re going to elope,” she said “The Talk.” “It is so much drama. It’s a lot of work. There was a point when I was like, ‘Everybody arrange everything. I just want to show up. I just want to do it. I want to say ‘I do.’ I’m happy. And then I started hearing about what they wanted to do and I was like, ‘Well, I don’t know about that.'”

You see, everyone has opinion about how wedding should go down, so you definitely don’t want to leave that in the hands of someone else. The nice thing is that she said her man is actually somewhat involved in the whole wedding planning process.

“He has an opinion, so that’s good,” she told E! “He’s not just like a do-whatever. He has an opinion.”

Here’s her segment on “The Talk.”

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