13 Inspiring Young Girls of Color Who Are Making Big Moves



Photo from Ricardo B. Salinas, @RicardoBSalinas

The story of 8-year-old Xóchitl Guadalupe Cruz López started going viral after she was the first child awarded a prestigious science award in Mexico but she’s not the only kid with extraordinary talents.  Fellow 8-year-old Mexican wunderkind Zury Tlapanco Reyes recently made headlines when she won first place in the Mental Calculation World Cup and 12-year-old Mari Copeny, who has been fighting for clean water for Flint, Michigan since she was 8 years old. Fellow 8-year-old Adhara Pérez is already taking college courses after it was discovered the Mexico City native has an IQ of 162 – higher than Albert Einstein. This slideshow is all about showcasing young girls who are in some way making the world a better place or making history long before reaching adulthood. From innovators to activists to literal geniuses, these young ladies are inspiring reminders of what children of color are capable of. The list features 12 girls of color from all over the world who have made a mark in the last decade, so prepare to feel empowered and motivated by these young girls making big moves.




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