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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids of All Ages from Latinx-Owned Brands

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
We all know that the holidays are mostly for the kids, especially when it comes to gift giving. Of course we enjoy the festivities too, but the holidays wouldn’t feel nearly as special if it weren’t for the excitement and...
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12 Back to School Must-Have Items with Latinx Style

What better way to send your kids back to school than with tons of confidence? Embracing our Latin heritage and being proud of who we are helps strengthen identity and build self-esteem. We say back-to-school is the perfect time to...
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5 Latino Kid Friendly Snacks Inspired By Their New Favorite Series, “Baby Shark’s Big Show!”

Virginia Isaad
Any parent knows that feeding young kids can be a challenge. Even for those of us who have the best eaters a mom could hope for, it just is. If it’s not the task of dealing with picky eaters, the...
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8-Year-Old Aarón Moreno Launched Plant Business to Help Family

Virginia Isaad
Aarón Moreno is an eight-year-old boy who launched a plant selling business to provide his family with financial assistance. His mom is single and undocumented and her financial struggles motivated him to take $12 and buy plants from Downtown Los...