Giving Tuesday: 11 Latinx Organizations to Support

Today is Giving Tuesday and we are highlighting organizations working to address issues affecting the Latinx community and uplifting our stories

Giving Tuesday Latinx orgs

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Today is Giving Tuesday and we are highlighting organizations working to address issues affecting the Latinx community and uplifting our stories.  From the Alejandre Foundation (sister to Latinx Therapy) destigmatizing mental health to Justice for Migrant Women supporting migrant women, here are 11 organizations to keep on your radar and support with monetary donations, volunteering, or simply showing them some love on social media. In a season when we’re encouraged to shower loved ones with gifts, it’s also important to support causes that provide for the Latinx community at large. With our support, in whatever form that may be, they are able to get the resources necessary to empower and uplift our community and we are here for that!



The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) is an organization advocating for immigration rights.  They provide low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant communities.  RAICES also has a volunteer program with pro bono lawyers to provide support such as helping with credible fear interviews.



United We Dream is the largest immigrant-youth led community in the country.  Their main focus is improving the lives of immigrants regardless of status and providing resources and information for undocumented immigrants. One of their standout programs is the Education Equity Program which works towards educational justice and the empowerment of immigrant students.


Yo Quiero Generational Wealth

Yo Quiero Generation Wealth is a new program in partnership with The Plutus Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving financial literacy, that’s going to provide five Latinas with investing knowledge. This is a one year program includes 4 monthly sessions to learn about all things investing and 8 months of community support and periodic check-ins plus $400 to start their investment account. Yo Quiero Dinero was founded by Certified Financial Educator Jannese Torres-Rodriguez.


Alejandre Foundation

The recently-launched Alejandre Foundation is dedicated to destigmatizing mental health and increasing mental health equity in the Latinx community through education, programs, and creating accessibility to therapy services through scholarships. They provide access to therapy through their Therapy Dinero program which provides grants for eight therapy sessions at $100 per session to individuals and families in the Latinx community, regardless of immigration status. Latinx Therapy founder Adriana Alejandre serves as president for the foundation.


Voto Latino

Voto Latino is a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering Latinx voters. Their voter registration work is noteworthy as their organizational total stands at 1,120,784 voters registered since 2012.


Mayan League

The Mayan League is Maya women-led organization that works to raise awareness of causes contributing to discrimination, inequality, and oppression of the Maya and the destruction of communities and environment. They work with allies from other indigenous nations and human rights organizations to help protect Indigenous peoples and their environments.


Justice for Migrant Women

Founded by Monica Ramirez, Justice for Migrant Women works by educating lawmakers and other officials about some of the issues pertaining to migrant women in the U.S. They’re currently focused on anti-discrimination, anti-violence, safety for child farm laborers, equal pay, and labor protections overall. The organization recently launched “The Humans Who Feed Us”, a narrative and portrait project highlighting farmworkers and amplifying their stories as part of the food justice movement.


Latinas in Tech

Latinas in Tech was founded in 2014 and has expanded to 20 chapters in different cities throughout the U.S. Considering roughly two percent of women in STEM are Latina it’s vital to support organizations like these that work with established tech companies to create safe spaces for learning, mentorship, and recruitment.


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides financial support and resources to Latinx students and their families. Each year they give out scholarships to Latinx students ranging from $500-$5,000.


American Latino Museum

The Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino strive to educate people on our rich history and culture through the development of a Smithsonian American Latino Museum. The campaign has been active since 2004 and donations would go toward campaigning for the development of the museum on the National Mall in D.C.


Latino Equality Alliance

Latino Equality Alliance advocates for the equity and well-being of LGBTQ+ Latinxs.  Located in Boyle Heights, the organization works with community leaders to address issues pertaining to the community such as homophobia, violence against LGBTQ+, and HIV/AIDS. They also provide a youth college scholarship fund and the LGBTQA Youth Council (for students 13-21) which hosts gatherings that include presentations, workshops, leadership training, college application support, field trips, and social events.

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